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Canada Federal Skilled Immigration


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Canada Federal Skilled Immigration

  1. 1. Canada Federal Skilled ImmigrationCanada is one of the wealthiest countries. Nowadays many students are immigrating to Canada,due to its good quality of higher studies. Its increasing highly developed, Lifestyle, economy, isattracting many people around the world. The prospects are not restricted to student’s educationonly, there is wide range of varieties in opportunities in Canada and people are taking advantageof this wide range of varieties by immigrating there, especially businessperson and workers.Canada federal skilled immigration program is the point based program. This program isspecially designed for professionals and businessperson with skills, qualification, and experienceto fill Canada skill shortage and to contribute to Canada’s economy. Candidates for this visamust demonstrate that they meet minimum requirements for this visa. For this candidates whoare applying for this category are require to meet point based system. This point based systemrequires minimum 67 marks out of 100 points and is assessed on 6 main factors- education, age,work experience, adaptability and language ability.Some of the basic features of federal skilled immigration program are- • Successful candidates are free to work without any restrictions • Once you are granted Canadian citizenship or passport then you can easily travel across the globe without visa • Canada federal skilled worker allows applicant to work in Canada, as there is no need to be sponsored by any employer, job offer or work permit • You can sponsor your family members and relatives • After living for 3 years in Canada, one can easily apply for citizenship • One can easily access to Canada’s labor marketEligibility criteria- • You must have at least 1 year of continuous experience as full-time or paid worker (or equivalent) • You must have offered arranged employment. Employment offer should be in writing, indefinite in duration and meet the arranged employment factor • You must have enrolled yourself in PhD program, delivered by recognized post- secondary institution, at least 2 year PhD and should have good academic standingThe applicant must attain at least 67 marks, applicants are assessed on age, education, languageability, work experience, arranged employment and adaptableness.Education- (maximum 25 points) CIC will assign points on educational credential assessment.Language proficiency- (maximum 25 points) all candidates must submit their application withresult of language test. There are 2 official language English and French.Work experience – (maximum 15 points) points are awarded under this category for number ofyears worked as full time worker in a paid position.Age- (maximum 12 points) applicants between 18 to 35 years receive full marks. If they areabove 35 years they losses 1 mark and 0 marks if they are above 47.Arranged employment- (maximum 10 points) candidates are granted maximum 10 points if theyare under arranged employment.
  2. 2. Adaptability- maximum 10 pointsThe above criteria are newly amended by Citizenship and immigration Canada (CIC) to theexisting immigration policy. The changes in federal skilled worker program will take effect fromMay onwards. These changes aim to emphasis more on language proficiency. Now thecandidates are required to show better performance in language test set by CIC.