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Android views in hindi


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Android views in hindi

  1. 1. You can download this document from Android views इस tutorial android views Android views screen graphic elements Android views स suggest activity इस Android in Hindi : Android Activity स इ अ android views स Outline 1. Introduction to android views in Hindi. 2. Common android views in Hindi. 3. Common methods used with android views in Hindi. Introduction to android views Android views Android views elements , स button, text- box स views activity अ Android view classes, views represent android view view class represent स button represent Button class provide इ classes स events user स interact Android views form represent
  2. 2. You can download this document from स activity views hierarchical tree form represent अ अ views अ अ size views android platform include आप android views create Android platform included views अ views create स views directly code स XML file स Common android views स single view स views स स layout स show view-group View's View class Analog-Clock, Progress-Bar, Image-View, Surface-View, View- Group, Text-View औ View-Stub classes extend Text-View - Text-View स view स extend Text-View स Edit-Text, Digital-Clock, Chronometer, Checked-Text-View औ Button classes extend Button class Compound-Button class extend Compound-Button class Radio-Button औ Check-Box Classes extend Image-View - Image-View class Image-Button class extend class image buttons Surface-View - Video-View स Surface-View class extend स screen video
  3. 3. You can download this document from Analog-Clock - class screen analog clock Progress-Bar - स स process progress bar View-Stub - स स views layout View-Group's View-Group स View स View-Group स Map- View, Adapter-View, Relative-Layout, Linear-Layout, Frame-Layout औ Absolute-Layout स extend Map-View - इस स screen स Adapter-View - Spinner, Grid-View, Gallery औ List-View classes Adapter- View स extend Relative-Layout - इस स Dial-er-Filter औ Two-Line-List-Item स classes views relative layout provide Linear-Layout - Table-Layout, Table-Row, Radio-Group, Tab-Widget, Zoom- Controls स Linear-Layout स extend स views Linear layout इ Frame-Layout - Scroll-View, Time-Picker, Date-Picker, Ticker, Scale-Layout, View-Animator स Frame-Layout स extend स views frame layout इ Absolute-Layout - इस स Web-View स extend स views Absolute-Layout provide Common methods used with android views set-Background-Color(int Color) - background color set स
  4. 4. You can download this document from set-Background-Draw-able(Draw-able d ) - draw-able background स स image background स स set-Clickable(Boolean c) - स element स clickable स set-Focus-able(Boolean f ) - focus-able स set-Layout-Pa-rams(View-Group.Layout-Pa-rams l ) - इस position औ size स स set-Minimum-Height(int min-Height) - इस स minimum height स स set-Minimum-Width(int min-Width) - इस स element minimum width स स set-On-Click-Listener(on-Click-Listener l) - इस स listener स स events generate respond स इस tutorial android views , इस Android in Hindi : Android Resources स