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HTML in hindi


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Learn html in Hindi, HTML tutorial in Hindi. Introduction to HTML, Version of HTML, DOCTYPE tag, executing HTML program, Basic tags of HTML.

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HTML in hindi

  1. 1. You can download this document from HTML in Hindi  Introduction to HTML in Hindi  Versions of HTML in Hindi  Introduction to HTML tags in Hindi  Basic tags of HTML in Hindi  <DOCTYPE> tag in Hindi  Executing HTML program in Hindi Introduction to HTML जब website ब ब website ब ब ब र website ब जब web development द र ब HTML ब HTML web development र और द HTML website create र Hyper Hyper ब HTML sequence ज programming language , ए statement ब द statement execute द HTML file link और र र press र execute ज ज र ए HTML file द र HTML file execute HTML files independent Text (information) web page text (information) ब web page text role Markup Markup ब text formatting text tags र mark र ज text tags र mark ज text web page show Language HTML ए language ज web development ए ज HTML ए Hyper Text Markup Language web pages create र ए ज HTML Berners lee र 1991 create
  2. 2. You can download this document from HTML versions Version Explanation HTML 1.0 HTML version ब language ब र ज और HTML ब limited HTML 2.0 version HTML 1.0 features version HTML website develop र ब द ब HTML 3.0 version HTML ब popular version browsers compatibility problem ज version र द HTML 3.2 version version ब द ए tags add ए time जब W3C website development ए HTML standard HTML 4.01 version ए tags cascading style sheet introduce HTML र र modern language ब HTML 5.0 HTML latest version multimedia support ए ए tags provide ए XHTML version HTML 4.01 ब द HTML XML add HTML tags ए HTML file tags और text combination द tags concept झ ज HTML झ Basically tag ब text र ए tag ए specific purpose define र र task ए tags ब ए tag 2 part Opening tag ज interpreter ज र Opening tag ब द text ज ज र tag apply र ब द closing tag ज Closing tag interpreter tag Closing tag opening tag differentiate र ए
  3. 3. You can download this document from closing tag forward slash ज Tags basic structure द ज र <tagName> text </tagName> Some basic tags Tag Explanation <html> </html> HTML file tag ज tag द file ए HTML file ब tags tag दर tag program ब र close ज <head> </head> tag document ब र information द web page script apply र tag दर define ज tag HTML tag दर <title> </title> tag र web page title display ज tag head tag दर <body> </body> ज text body tag , program interpret ब द display ज tag head tag close ब द Simple HTML program <html> <head> <title> My Web Page </title> </head> <body> Web page ज text image र <body> tag </body>
  4. 4. You can download this document from </html> <!DOCTYPE> tag ब र HTML tag tag ज tag ब HTML version र र browsers security purpose HTML र versions support र ए tag HTML version ब र browser information द ज browsers appropriate action Executing HTML program HTML program execute र ब ब program text editor ज ज notepad द ब द program .html extension save ज
  5. 5. You can download this document from ब द save file open र ब द webpage browser automatically open ज Read more tutorials on HTML in Hindi at