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Java script in Hindi: Introduction


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Introduction to JavaScript in Hindi, Features of JavaScript in Hindi, Advantages of JavaScript in Hindi, And functions of JavaScript in Hindi.

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Java script in Hindi: Introduction

  1. 1. You can download this document from JavaScript Introduction  Introduction to JavaScript in Hindi  Features of JavaScript in Hindi  Advantages of JavaScript in Hindi  Functions of JavaScript in Hindi Introduction to JavaScript JavaScript एक client side programming language web pages computational tasks perform क क ए क आप झ क HTML एक designing language औ क webpages क design क HTML क आप webpages क logic perform क क क ब link प click क आप क function call क क क processing perform क क आप HTML क क क क HTML webpages design क क ए क क ए आपक एक programming language क आ क JavaScript एक programming language webpages logic add क औ dynamic ब JavaScript क Sun Micro Systems develop क प क LiveScript ब change क क JavaScript क JavaScript object oriented programming capabilities HTML file क head section define क आप JavaScript क HTML आप क calculations perform क क JavaScript आप validation perform क क JavaScript एक programming language browsers झ औ particularly webpages क ए क Features of JavaScript JavaScript क 2 important features क ब Dynamic
  2. 2. You can download this document from JavaScript एक dynamic language JavaScript Webpage क load changes क capable Webpages क load आप decide क क क task perform क ब क HTML action प define औ webpages क load time आप क action क HTML static pages generate क क ए page load आपक location क ब weather क क Client side JavaScript एक client side scripting language PHP क execution server प perform क JavaScript क ब आप JavaScript क क क execution client side प perform क ए JavaScript validation client side प web browser perform क क PHP validation server प perform Advantages of JavaScript JavaScript क क क क advantages क ब Very Fast Client side क JavaScript ब fast क server connection establish क time waste JavaScript ब server connection ए execute Cross Platform JavaScript क browser औ operating systems प आ ब क problem क run latest browsers JavaScript क by default support क
  3. 3. You can download this document from Works with multiple languages JavaScript languages क आ क क क क HTML, CSS औ PHP आ Simple JavaScript एक ब simple language क आ क implement क क Functions of JavaScript  JavaScript क dynamic webpages ब क ए क  JavaScript highly interactive webpages create क  JavaScript क Client side प validation perform क क आप server क load क क क  JavaScript आप browser related क problems solve क क To read more on JavaScript in Hindi visit