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5 Actionable Tactics to Increase Ecommerce Sales

Check out our 5 quick and easily implementable tactics that will increase your eCommerce sales. A/B test them and let us know what results you get.

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5 Actionable Tactics to Increase Ecommerce Sales

  1. 1. 5 Actionable Tactics to Increase Ecommerce Sales
  2. 2. About Siddharth Deswal ● Senior Marketer at VWO ● Passionate about analytics, optimization and storytelling ● Keep in touch at @SiddharthDeswal
  3. 3. About Visual Website Optimizer ● A/B testing personalization platform for marketers ● Customers include JustFab, Dafiti, ShoeDazzle and 3700 others ● ●
  4. 4. Your Social Sharing Widget, Is It Serving You Well?
  5. 5. Social Sharing Widgets Recommended in most ‘best practices’ as a default feature to put on your product pages
  6. 6. Original With social sharing widget
  7. 7. Variation Social sharing widgets removed
  8. 8. The Result? Social sharing widgets removed 11.9% increase in “Add to Carts”
  9. 9. Check if you need a widget ● Make a list of your site URLs ● Run them through a service like ● It finally depends on your target customer
  10. 10. The Effect of Image Sliders on Visitor Behavior
  11. 11. Eye Tracking Results of Page with Slider
  12. 12. Usability Test by NN Group SUMMARY “The user's target was at the top of the page in 98-point font. But she failed to find it because the panel auto-rotated instead of staying still.”
  13. 13. Image carousel original Image carousel
  14. 14. Image carousel original Static text “Small Internet Loans Borrow money 7 days a week with clear pricing and honest terms”
  15. 15. Result The overall conversion rate of the website increased by 5% This meant a USD 7600 increase in revenue per month (and $90000 per annum)
  16. 16. What instead of image carousels? ● Use a static image ● Give visitors time to absorb the content ● Give visitors control ● Break up the carousel area into multiple offers
  17. 17. Structuring Information on Product Pages
  18. 18. TaylorGifts Original
  19. 19. TaylorGifts Variation
  20. 20. Result Clicks on “Add to Cart” increased by 10% and eCommerce conversion rate of test participants went from 1.53% to 3.23%
  21. 21. Product Page Framework For visitors in the ‘research’ phase Visitors who are ready to buy but comparing prices and offers
  22. 22. Trust Widgets
  23. 23. Express Watches - Original
  24. 24. Express Watches - Variation
  25. 25. Results Sales increased by 58.39% during the test period
  26. 26. Trust Widget Case Study - 2
  27. 27. The Importance of Removing Distractions
  28. 28. Distraction Case Study
  29. 29. Case Study - Original
  30. 30. Case Study - Variation
  31. 31. Case Study - Variation 10% increase in “Add to Cart”, which meant a $8500 increase in revenue per month
  32. 32. Remove distractions with a modal ● Focus buyers like
  33. 33. Quick Recap ● Test between product pages with and without social sharing widgets ● Try removing image carousels and measure conversion rate ● Test product pages where information is structured for researchers and ‘ready to buy’ visitors ● Try adding a trust widget on your product page to give that extra push ● Test a product/checkout page that is completely focuses the visitor on completing the transaction
  34. 34. Talk to us on Twitter @wingify