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The New Inbox and Other Innovations


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Session Presentation

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The New Inbox and Other Innovations

  1. 1. The New Inbox & Other Email Innovations
  2. 2. Simms Jenkins• Founder / CEO at BrightWave Marketing• Author – The Truth About Email Marketing, iMedia, ClickZ and quoted in hundreds of articles• Founder: • •• Digital marketing guy since ‘99• Ran CRM for Cox Interactive #EEC12 @BrightWave @SimmsJenkins
  3. 3. About BrightWaveBrightWave Marketing is an award-winning agency specializing in email marketing & digital messaging programs Specialized, best of breed agency – North America’s leading Renowned thought leadership & industry expertise Agency Partnership model - an extension of your team "BrightWave’s invaluable insight has helped Chick-fil-A plan and execute its email communications strategy with maximum effectiveness and efficiency. I consider BrightWave a critical part of our team.” - Michael McCathren, Chick-fil-A
  4. 4. BrightWave Client List
  5. 5. Core Offerings Social Media MobileEmail Creative Data
  6. 6. Email Marketing as the Digital Hub
  7. 7. Sharing Content
  8. 8. On the rise
  9. 9. Daily Deals
  10. 10. Email Vs. Social?More than 90% of adults internet users inevery age group subscribed to emailsfrom brands, while significantly fewer"liked" companies on Facebook orfollowed them on Twitter. - ExactTarget"Subscribers, Fans, and Followers: DigitalMorning" (2010)
  11. 11. Increase in Bacon via
  12. 12. Decrease in Spam
  13. 13. Strong performance & increasing investments
  14. 14. Mobile Usage
  15. 15. Percentage of teens who follow companies onFacebook that also subscribe to their email?95%Why?Coupons and deals
  16. 16. Social “Gets” Email
  17. 17. Well, Maybe not
  18. 18. User Experience is Key
  19. 19. Clarity & Value Prop are Imperative
  20. 20. Make it Easy
  21. 21. Social Integration & True Engagement
  22. 22. Mobile Enabled
  23. 23. Is your campaign broken? “A machine is broken when it no longer does what it was designed to do.” – Vacuum Cleaner SalesmanIs the content relevant to theuser on the go?Is it easy to navigate withthumbs?Was it designed withsmartphones and/or tablets inmind?
  24. 24. Mobile Email?