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Daily Newsletter - 14 02-2013

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Daily Newsletter - 14 02-2013

  1. 1. SHAH ADVISORY Daily Morning Newsletter 14-02-2013 Vivek A. Shah 2013 WWW.SHAHADVISORY.COM
  2. 2. Thursday, 14th February 2013  - Follow us on Twitter - @equityadvisory Shah Advisory – Daily Morning NewsletterBSE Sensex – 19608.08 TREND / PERIOD DAILY WEEKLY MONTHLY DIRECTION Down UP UP Trend Change Level 19820 19700 17900 (Closing Basis)Overall trend on weekly basis will turn down once market starts trading below 19380. Also expectbounce in the market if it is able to sustain above 19380 up to the levels of 19700.Overall trend for medium term trend will turn down once the index starts trading below 19380levels. We mentioned that if it manages to trade above 19380 than expect bounce till 19700 levels &it touched that level. Currently it looks like that this bounce may continue till we sustain above19550.S&P 500(USA) – 1519.43Overall trend is positive. Momentum is getting weak in the index & we may see some fall orconsolidation in the market. Keep watch on the level of 1504 on closing basis.Overall trend is positive. We may see consolidation in the index. Overall we can see the levels of1532 in the coming days to week till it manages to sustain above 1506 on closing basis.AXIS BANK – 1477.55Overall trend is positive. It has almost attained our trailed stop loss so exited the position aroundthere if not booked at higher levels. 1460 is good support.Overall trend is positive. We may see some lower levels if the price starts trading below 1470. Buyonly n cross above 1494.ICICI BANK – 1142.60Overall trend is bearish. Hold on to the buy position initiated around 1120 levels. Above 1146, wemay see rise up to 1170.Overall trend is bearish. We mentioned that above 1146 it can rise to 1170 & it made a high at1146.40. Hold on to long position, we may see the initial rise till 1155 & than 1170.RELIANCE INDUSTRIES – 879Overall trend is bearish. Trailed stop loss triggered. Above 880, expect rise up to 895 levels.Overall trend is bearish. For any long position, keep stop loss of 870 & on higher side we may see thelevels of 895.TATA MOTORS – 304.70Overall trend is getting slightly positive. Any sustenance on closing basis above 303 will again resumeuptrend.Overall trend is slightly positive. We mentioned that above 303, it will resume its uptrend. It lookslike in the coming days; we may see the levels of 316. Trail stop loss for any long position to 299. +91 84600 32788  2 Save Trees. Do not Print. Read Disclaimer on our website
  3. 3. Thursday, 14th February 2013  - Follow us on Twitter - @equityadvisory Shah Advisory – Daily Morning NewsletterTATA STEEL – 376Overall trend is bearish. Trail stop loss to 389 for short positions & look for the lower levels of 378 tobook full profit.Overall trend is bearish. Our mentioned target of 378 attained so advised to book full profit. Buy forbounce only on cross of 384.SBI – 2254.70Overall trend is bearish. As mentioned we are not advising short here, we may see rise up to 2318 inthe stock. If sustains above 2318, we may see the levels of 2340-2370. Hold the positions formedium term. Short term traders may initiate long above 2318.Overall trend is bearish. Hold on to medium term long positions. Any short term traders enteredlong positions need to keep stop loss at 2238.USDINR – SPOT – 53.8250Overall trend is negative. It attained the mentioned levels on higher side & turned back from there.Now we may see the levels of around 53.75-53.65.Overall trend is negative. It almost attained the level of 53.75. Now if manages to trade above 53.88,again we may see bounce till 54.02-54.10. +91 84600 32788  3 Save Trees. Do not Print. Read Disclaimer on our website
  4. 4. Thursday, 14th February 2013  - Follow us on Twitter - @equityadvisory Shah Advisory – Daily Morning Newsletter Stocks with Positive Breakout Stock Name Buying Range Godrej Ind. 319.10-319.40 Divis Lab 1077-1078 Stocks with Negative Breakout Stock Name Selling Range Axis Bank 1469-1470 McDowell 1827-1829 ZEEL 226.60-226.90 Kotak bank 663-664 Ambuja Cem. 188.10-188.30 HDFC Bank 661-661.50NOTE –Red colour – Last View / update on the scripGreen colour – Current View / update on the scrip YOU CAN ALSO VIEW THIS REPORT ON THE WEB - VISIT - HTTP ://WWW.SHAHADVISORY .COM/DAILY-MARKET-VIEW.HTML +91 84600 32788  4 Save Trees. Do not Print. Read Disclaimer on our website