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Extending Machine Translation in AEM


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This presentation is about custom machine translation in AEM. It takes OOTB Microsoft Translator as reference. This is developer-centric and contains code snippets of Microsoft Translation

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Extending Machine Translation in AEM

  1. 1. Extending Machine Translation in AEM Vivek Sachdeva
  2. 2. Agenda • What all is needed for translation? • Where is the configuration? • Developing Custom Connector • Comparison with OOTB MS Translator • Translation Workflows Decoded
  3. 3. Goal of this Session To understand how a custom language translator can be developed by comparing it with OOTB MS Translator.
  4. 4. What all is needed for Translation...
  5. 5. • A Translation Vendor – This is typically a cloud service where vendor related information is stored. Eg : Microsoft, Beebox. • A mechanism to send content to translation system • A mechanism to import content back to AEM
  6. 6. Where is the configuration?
  7. 7. Translator Cloud Service
  8. 8. Translation Integration Cloud Service
  9. 9. Mapping Translation Service to Site
  10. 10. How do I develop a custom connector?
  11. 11. ● Create an implementation class for TranslationServiceFactory interface e-translation-aem/blob/master/bundle/sr c/main/java/com/tothenew/impl/MyTransla ● It creates instance of service that does translation plus it defines language and category configuration for machine translation
  12. 12. ● Create an implementation class for TranslationService interface that extends AbstractTranslationService e-translation-aem/blob/master/bundle/sr c/main/java/com/tothenew/impl/MyTransla ● It includes utilities required for translation like getting source page language, translating content, caching translated content
  13. 13. Comparison with OOTB MS Translator...
  14. 14. Creating Translation Service from Factory
  15. 15. Getting Language Prop Map for AEM-Vendor Lang Mapping
  16. 16. Detecting Source Content Language
  17. 17. Caching Translated Content
  18. 18. Getting Translated Content
  19. 19. Translation Workflows Decoded
  20. 20. Language Copy Creation ● Calls CreateLanguageCopyProcess that internally calls TranslateLanguageCopyProcess
  21. 21. Language Copy Creation(Contd...)
  22. 22. Language Copy Updation ● Calls CreateLanguageCopyLaunchProcess that uses LaunchManager API to create launch but at the same time does not create target language copy
  23. 23. Language Copy Updation(Contd..)
  24. 24. ● develop/extending/mt-dev.html ● f/javadoc/com/adobe/granite/translation/ core/common/TranslationResultImpl.html References