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Introduction to Machine translation - AEM


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This presentation is to give an introduction on Machine Translation that was introduces in AEM 6.0 as out of the box feature

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Introduction to Machine translation - AEM

  1. 1. Machine Translation in AEM Vivek Sachdeva
  2. 2. Agenda • What is Machine Translation? • Benefits • How it works? • Demo • Developer's View
  3. 3. Goal of Session To have understanding of default translator in AEM.
  4. 4. What is Machine Translation • It is one way of achieving internationalization in the project • Automatically translate content from one language to other.
  5. 5. Benefits • Reduction in go-live time • MT is better than no translation
  6. 6. Following translation workflows are used: • Add Language Copy • Update Language Copy How it works in AEM?
  7. 7. Language Copy Creation
  8. 8. Language Copy Update
  9. 9. Promoting a launch
  10. 10. Developer's View
  11. 11. etc/workflow/models/translation/config.p roperties Properties to translate
  12. 12. 1) Translate Language Copy Process 2.1) Create Language Copy Launch 2.2) Inject Master Language Into Launch Process What all Processes are involved?
  13. 13. ● It makes a POST call to /etc/workflow/instances that resolves to com.adobe.granite.workflow.console.ser vlet.InstancesServlet ● It requires language root page of target language to be present. For example, to translate some page in en to fr, fr root page should exist. Rest of the hierarchy is automatically created. Language Copy Creation
  14. 14. ● Model(/etc/workflow/models/wcm- translation/create_language_copy/jcr:con tent/model) ● TranslationWorkflowModel(/etc/workflow/ models/wcm-translation/translate- language-copy/jcr:content/model) ● Target Language ● Payload Language Copy Creation(Contd..)
  15. 15. ● Send same properties except value of model which now points to /etc/workflow/models/wcm- translation/update_language_copy/jcr:co ntent/model ● This triggers translation but does not update target page. Translated page is stored under launches folder so it can be reviewed before pushing it. Language Copy Update
  16. 16. ● It is the process of pushing translated content from launch to target language page ● This step follows content review ● Makes a call to /bin/wcmcommand cmd : promoteLaunch path : /contet/mypage Promoting a launch
  17. 17. ● Triggered using /services/translate ● nslatorServlet handles translation. ● It returns a JSON with translated content Translating content of a node
  18. 18. http://localhost:4502/services/translate? userLang=en&respath=/content/geomet rixx-media/jcr:content&properties=jcr %3Adescription&tolanguage=en&pageP ath=/content/geometrixx- media/en/community&userId=admin Translating content of a node(Contd..)
  19. 19. ● userLang: en ● respath: /content/usergenerated/content/geometrixx- media/en/community/pad/jcr:content/forum/1_ciot/yfb s-i_think_it_willib/1_tosp/y7tv-lidea_di_questovide ● properties: jcr:description ● tolanguage: en ● pagePath: /content/geometrixx- media/en/community/pad.topic.html/content/usergen erated/content/geometrixx- media/en/community/pad/_jcr_content/forum/1_ciot/y fbs-i_think_it_willib ● userId: admin Translating content of a node(Contd..)
  20. 20. { translation: { jcr:description: "The idea of this game is phenomenal: Finally you can interact with a robot and you can simulate real actions!" }, status: "Success", displayType: "replace", display: "replace", attribution: "Translations by Microsoft" } Sample Response
  21. 21. ● 0/administer/integration/third-party- services/machine-translation.html ● 0/administer/social- communities/translate-ugc.html References