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Photo slide


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Prototype found here:

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Photo slide

  1. 1. Goals Find a viable way for users Cornell’s photography services to use real photographs Steer designs from heavy use of stock art photograpy Have an easy to use vehicle for Photographer upload / update database.
  2. 2. Future Features Guidelines:  For self-photographing from Microscopes  Portrait guidelines (timing expectations, including others people in photos) Fees Consent forms / releases, etc Public Affairs contact information HIPPA requirements
  3. 3. Showcase
  4. 4. Features / Issues Used Slide show gallery.  Not expandable as easy as we would like  Pat is exploring new ones – see her presentation Eliza is prototyping an application that allows the user to upload the images to a folder and… The new gallery will read the images from this folder and display in the customized format.
  5. 5. For Discussion Real ownership of images (Pat can explain) Public affairs approval for photography in public areas
  6. 6. The End