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7 Body Language Tips For Your Job Interview

Here are 7 out of 16 body language tips that help you communicate more efficiently in your interview. For 7 more tips of this type, click the link:

1. Understand Your Body Language
In order to make your body language consistent with words, you should understand your own body language. Otherwise, the words you use may conflict your gestures, making you fail to send out messages.
2. Be Natural
Though you succeed in controlling your body language with guide, you may still look fake. Therefore, you should always be as natural as possible.
3. Don’t Cross Your Arms & Legs
Crossing arms makes people think that you are trying to guard or defend yourself. This may make others think that you are not very sociable, and find it hard to communicate with you. The advice also goes for the legs. Therefore, you had better keep your arms and legs open.
4. Relax Your Shoulders
When you get stressed, you tend to wind up because of shoulder tension. You should move up and forward a little, shake your shoulders a bit, then move them back slightly to relax and loosen up.
5. Make Eye Contact
In any conversation, you should give others eye contact to build better connection, as well as, to see if they are interested in what you are talking about. However, too much eye-contact may creep people out while no eye-contact may make them think that you are insecure or unconfident.
6. Make Use Of Smile
You can stimulate the sense of well-being with a genuine smile. A genuine smile comes on slowly, crinkles your eyes, lights up your face and fades away slowly. Smiling will certainly affect the way people communicate with you. A person who smiles a lot is always an easy-going one. You should relax and laugh when others say something funny. This will make other people more inclined to listen to you as they think you are positive. When being introduced to someone, you should smile, but do not keep a smile plastered on face as the other one may think you are insincere.

7. Slow Down
Your words, gestures, and movement should be slow enough for other people to understand the messages you send. When you walk slower, you look more confident, calm, and relaxed. If someone snaps you, do not snap your neck in that direction, you should turn it a little bit instead.

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