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How To Deal With A Difficult Boss – Coping With Stress At Work

Here are 7 out of 18 tips on how to deal with a difficult boss at work without losing your job. For 11 more tips of this type, click the link:
1. Wait It Out
If you are dealing with a conflict with your boss, you should spend some time on thinking before reacting. The fact is that timing is everything when you deal with a conflict with your boss. In most cases, waiting the situation out is better than reacting immediately. The boss is usually busy and stressful with tons of work, so he may not take to your issues as soon as you wish.
2. Do Your Best
Doing your best is one of the most important tips on how to deal with a difficult boss. If you work hard to help increase the revenue of the company, your boss will appreciate your devotion, and reconsider the way he thinks about you.
3. Think Before Speaking
No matter what you want to talk to your boss, you should think twice before speaking it out. Do not speak carelessly, and then feel regret of your words. If you are asked some questions, answer them honestly and humbly, do not make your boss get angry or think you are playing with him.
4. Speak Up
If you are overloaded with too much work, you should talk to your boss. For example, if he asks you to complete a big project within some days, putting you under high pressure, you should tell him that you need more time to fulfill the task. Make sure that you work hard, but you should also let him know that everything has its own limit, and you do too.
5. Take It Professionally
If your boss is yelling due to some reasons, you should only listen, and provide the results. This is the most professional way to deal with your boss’ anger. It’s just like a storm, when it is over, peace will be reestablished.
6. Stand Firm
If your boss strongly yells at you, you should stand firm, and keep your head held high, don’t cower, don’t fear though you made mistakes. What you need to do is try to avoid making the mistakes again. Everyone might make mistakes as no one is perfect in this world.
7. Be Flexible
If your boss makes you work in a bad condition that may affect your productivity, you should discuss with him to improve the working condition. Let him know that good working condition will certainly bring him good revenue.
Those are 7 best tips on how to deal with a difficult boss at work without having to lose the job. If you have an unfriendly boss, those tips are quite helpful for you in dealing with him.

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