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Grape Digital Trends Newsletter #1 Eng

First digital trends newsletter from GRAPE

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Grape Digital Trends Newsletter #1 Eng

  1. 1. GRAPE Digital Trends Newsletter #1
  2. 2. с3 best practices с8 online marketing с18 web 2.0 с21 mobile marketing с26 interactive media с30 communications 3.0 с36 sensational marketing с39 innovations in media с43 digital life style с50 innovations in web с53 statistics and analytics
  3. 3. Best practices
  4. 4. Why so serious? Dark Knight alternative reality game. A virus campaign in support of a film of the same name. Cyber Lions 2009 Grand Prix. 10 million online members, 750-800 thousand activities and events in the real world in 380 cities all over the world. In average, the users were engaged into the game 4-5 times, the average time within the game – about 2 hours. The players offline received on their e-mails artifacts from the imaginary world The amount of subscribers in Gotham Times equals about 7 million. 1300 video and 5000 photo files were created and. The participants spent incredible hours at forums: there were more than 400 branches, 150 thousand posts and 7 million reviews. whysoserious_viral09/
  5. 5. Wall Case: Face Tracking Sensor in City Light Panels In December 2008 Wall AG for the first time ever realized the idea of passers’ –by face tracking in outdoor advertising. Wall AG combined street light panels (City Light Poster-showcase) with flat screens and face tracking sensor from Vis-à-pix. When passers-by sat on a bench at a bus stop and looked at the panel, the sensor tracked the face and the screen demonstrated a happy family. But as soon as the person looked away, the man on the screen would start to beat the woman. The would-be idyll proved to be cover for violence in the family. Wall facetracking_sensor
  6. 6. Philips 140 Characters Versus Twitter Campaign A merchandizing campaign on the basis of Twitter communication. In order to win this 21:9 TV-set, the contestants should submit their version of product testing ideas under the slogan of "Philips versus 140 characters of genius”. The best ideas are picked by the jury and on their basis the brand commercials will be filmed. The winner gets the long wished for prize. Samples of commercials: Philips versus the sun, Philips versus your nose.
  7. 7. Flygbussarna Airport Coaches The battle between the Flybussarna Airport Coaches, a Swedish transport company and their main competitor – a car. The latter is costly and ecologically unfriendly. In fact, CO2 exhausts let out by ground transport constitute half of all exhausts from the airport activity. An average car in Sweden carries 1.2 people. A bus can take over 60. Thus the latter ca replace 50 cars. The focus of the campaign was an installation which looked like a bus built out of 50 cars. It was located on the highway to the largest airport in the country (Arlanda). Media activity was created around it: prints, outdoor advertisement, banners. The blog sphere distributed information about the site with the web camera which broadcasted in live the highway with the installation which calculated live the amount of CO2 from the passing cars.
  8. 8. Online marketing
  9. 9. DIY marketing BooneOakley in Bb 2.0 - a collaborative Self control freak music/spoken word project There are so many instruments available in the internet that it is not A concert from video recordings necessary to create independent by various musicians and consisting A camera and creative approach digital product. The agency site which of melodies based on users’ allow a usual human being turn into consists of several Youtube commercials. God for his audience. commercials.
  10. 10. Dunkin’ Run A Marketing mix from Dunkin’ Donuts – a collective order. Invite your colleagues who are running a little sluggish to fuel up with coffee and donuts. Make a collective order through the website. Print it out and make a run to the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts. Hand in the order – and get the coffee and the sweets. And let your colleagues carry you in their arms. Save them from turning into office plankton.
  11. 11. “HOME” – First Run on Youtube “HOME” - a documentary about the environment and the nature by Luc Besson which was released on the same day in movie theatres and on Youtube. Due to Google Maps the authors gave he audience a chance to see objects, pictures, figures, facts related to the environmentalism as well as user’ content around this topic. Due to this innovation, Google destroys the barrier between cinema industry and the consumer and, by all means, this is a trend of presenting free media content for the internet. homeproject?blend=3&ob=4
  12. 12. Some words about social media? This video and the story in it may look silly but it explains to marketing specialists the meaning of social marketing. The relationship between brands and consumers has irreversibly changed. Just look and see how Dave found and fell in love with the “Blank”... Of course, the story and the brand in the commercial are somewhat absurd, but they clearly demonstrate the process of turning a usual consumer into the advocate of the brand. If a brand doesn’t start to investigate the blog sphere and its attitude, it can simply lose the market as it won’t find understanding on the part of the consumers if it ignores their opinion about the trademark, services and doesn’t pay attention to their real needs and insights.
  13. 13. The PEN Story Celebrating the 50-th aniversary of PEN cameras, Olympus created a stopmotion video. 60,000 pictures were shot for the film, 9.600 prints were used and 1 ,800 had to be re-shot. There are 20 locations in the video. And an interesting detail – no post production! And the result of the painstaking work the artists and the production team have carried out – 2 million reviews on Youtube in 3 months.
  14. 14. Are you tweet? An unusual banner from Volkswagen. Via circle of interests and friends in Twitter, a simple algorithm chooses a car specifically for you.
  15. 15. Terminator Salvation Game A game for the fans of saga about the battle between robots and people for the salvation of your microblog in Twitter. You are a member of Resistance movement and you believe in the victory of the human kind and John Conner over Skynet. The fighters exchange messages via Resistance2018 community. The aim is to decode the Skynet signal and to win. Any second you can receive a task and you have to re-twit to it within 2 hours. Your level depends on your speed.
  16. 16. #ukhols An image project from Vodafone, based on the Twitter and Google Maps open protocol. How do you spend your holidays? Do you travel? In the framework of the summer promo, which takes place from June, 1 until August, 31, Vodafone abolishes all roaming charges: for calls, text messages and MMS. See what other users of the brand say about their holidays. Share bright emotions with friends.
  17. 17. Shopping Online via Augmented Reality One more way to use augmented reality technologies from Zugara agency. How can we help a girl in choosing a blouse or a skirt in online shopping? There is no mirror, no friend at her side and NO WAY of seeing if the garment she likes fits her or not. A webcam, a proceeded products catalogue and modern 2.0 web technologies solve every problem: you can see yourself as if in a mirror, you can see how the garment looks on you, what colour fits you…and show it to the friend via email or Twitter. And no queues to the fitting room!
  18. 18. Web 2.0
  19. 19. Design your collection, promote it and sell it. Your contacts are your gold. EXUVE is a top clothing brand, where the consumer and the design are one in the same. Users download their design templates, promote them among their friends and relatives, discuss them in blogs and vote. The best items in the rating hit store shelves in offline reality. The winner receives a prize of $500 in cash and a percentage of sales.
  20. 20. How can you identify quickly all the profiles of an individual user? "Identify“ is a new plug-in for Firefox browser which is used in order to find quickly and easily the story of the whole user’s activity in the Internet: CV, contacts, all social networks and blogs profiles. In order to localize the information, the instrument uses "Google Social Graph“ interface which searches profiles and correlations between them. "Identify" shows the first results right on the page where the user is located.
  21. 21. Mobile marketing
  22. 22. TwittaRound: An Augmented Reality Twitter App This innovative application is developed by Michael Zöllner. Due to built-in iPhone camera it is possible to see Twitter microblog posts in real time and attached to real objects. In other words, it is possible to see the where the users send their messages from and to read them. Like in most cases, the augmented reality will need a build-in compass and, consequently, iPhone 3GS.
  23. 23. Nokia Kamppi – New Indoor Positioning Service An application for Nokia cell phones which enables you to locate your acquaintances and friends around you. For example, while walking in a megamall, you stopped for a coffee in a coffee shop, opened an application and saw that some of your friends are nearby. You can send them a text and offer them to join you.
  24. 24. Localized Coupons System "Coupious" is a coupon system for smart phones which is linked to a certain location. The system takes advantage of iPhone и Androidre phone capabilities which locate the phone via GPS device and then via 3G demonstrate special offers from sales at the given moment and exactly in the area of the user. The coupons can be downloaded and demonstrated to the shop assistant straight from the phone screen in case the customer wants to use the discount or special conditions.
  25. 25. Barcode Scanning via Cell Phones Skycore, MMS and services with increased additional cost launched "mDAR“ - a new form of 2D barcodes (Mobile Barcodes - Delivery, Authentication and Redemption). The innovation is that from now on barcodes can be scanned via a cell phone webcamera. Thus the phones turn into scanners. The technology is tested at the AT&T event in the frames of the Wireless Enterprise Symposium (WES 2009)
  26. 26. Interactive media
  27. 27. Playing with alternative reality from Eminem A game with alternative reality was organized to promote Eminem’s new album. It started from Eminem’s leakage who, on his own account, hid a secret word in Twitter – the name of a rehabilitation centre. The fans while looking for it would find a phantom website. They had to find a phone number on it and after dialing it one could hear new tracks by Eminem. To support the module an augmented reality module was designed: the fans drew letters "E" and received prizes for their attempts. The game gave the rapper 41,170 new subscribers on Twitter and 113,868 visitors on
  28. 28. Placing a bet with QR codes Bwin, the largest bookmaker in Europe placed 2D codes on 8,000 seats at the Real Madrid match with Barcelona. According to the mark on the barcode, the fans received a voucher or bwin equal to €10 and straight away could place a betting with the phone right before the match.
  29. 29. Making Calls Through Augmented Reality Developpers of Ribbit , a VoIP provider innovation applications, presented exciting opportunities in the sphere of telecommunications. Using “gestural augmented reality” now it is possible to interact with a piece of paper or other object as if it were a phone. You can dial each other just placing the receiver to your ear. And when you finish the conversation, make the gesture of putting down the receiver.
  30. 30. Communications 3.0
  31. 31. Virtual Races against Real Drivers This promo game offers you to compete with a real racer on a racing ring without leaving home. The game is developed as part of Fiat Punto promotion campaign in Brazil. One track, one type of car, two different drivers – a virtual and a real one. Who will win? See yourself.
  32. 32. Augmented Reality Guide with Image Recognition Sein Kanemura developed an application for iPhone using augmented reality. If compared to other similar instruments which use a built-in compass or a GPS device, i.e. they are linked to a location, SREngine defines smaller objects in the marked area and gives annotations and links to more detailed information. For example, it is possible to receive more information about objects if you make a picture the space around it, a bookshelf or a restaurant menu which is very topical if you are in Tokyo.
  33. 33. Do-It-Yourself TV Show French Company Dassault Systems launched a new project which enables its users to create and to share self-made 3D TV shows . The program mechanism creates an avatar on the basis of downloaded user’s pictures, voices it over decoding the written text into the voice. Alternatively, one can download a mp3 file with their own sound/voice.
  34. 34. Assassins Creed 2 Augmented Reality A teaser website of the sequel to the "Assasins Creed 2" game from Ubisoft, realized with the augmented reality technology. In the teaser trailer to the game the users could see new types of the clothes the character wears and secret weapons. These novelties were used in the mini campaign: the user could print out a marker, fix it on the hand and to see on the screen their own hand wearing a garment from the new game with a unique weapon.
  35. 35. We all are Autobots This is an image project which supports a new series of the saga about Transformers “Revenge of the Fallen”. With face trekking technology and augmented reality, any person can turn into one of the main characters of the film – Optimus Prime.
  36. 36. Sensational marketing
  37. 37. Remove all the landmines! The Norwegian Peoples Aid created a project which enabled usual people realize how difficult it is to live in mine fields. Via projection technologies and a website the customers of the shopping mall and those who watched them online through web cameras, happened to be the first players of the game in which the first ones could be “exploded” by chance and the second ones fought against field mines which from time to time appeared on video translation screens. The consumers were informed at the entrance to the mall that there is a danger of finding themselves in a mine field.
  38. 38. Popcorn shower The telecommunications company Orange showered hundreds of lucky cell phone competition winners with popcorn. The competition was held to mark the fifth anniversary of “Orange Wednesday”, a weekly promotion to encourage people to visit the cinema. From the huge bucket full of popcorn suspended not far from the Tower Bridge the lucky winners got mobile phones, weekend breaks and exclusive tickets to the Star Trek.
  39. 39. Innovations in media
  40. 40. Chat for Cinemas "Mu-Vchat", the first cinema chat, was tested in a cinema in Illinois. The programme developed by Rien Heald, enables you to text messages which would be displayed on screen. This can be done with a mobile phone and a short number. There is a special desktop in the room which quickly blocks projection undesirable users.
  41. 41. Internet Radio Looks Better Internet radio Last.FM presented a new option: a Personalized Visual Radio. Listening to favourite tunes is now linked to the interactive slide show which is shaped from photo images downloaded by the users and the staff. The photo images are thematically connected to the trek. A stream of various artists can be mixed in one radio stream or a station can be created on the basis of various tags. %252FChris%252BBotti%252Fsimilarartists
  42. 42. ATM advertisement AtmAd offers its clients advertisement opportunities of an ATM network all over England. While withdrawing the money, the customers will receive a message on the ATM screen and on the receipt. For example, fast food restaurants network "Subway“ offered free chips and a drink to those who show a receipt with the logo in the nearest restaurant..
  43. 43. Digital life style
  44. 44. Apple App Wall More than 3 000 applications are downloaded every minute from the Apple Store. There is a small miracle in front of you – a live feed from 20 000 most popular programmes for iPhone from App Store. Every time when a user downloads the application, its icon lights up.
  45. 45. Xbox Project Natal We are presenting a revolutionary project from Xbox: a game and console management without any controller. Do you see a ball on the screen? Hit it, dodge the opponent, catch it. Manage it with your hands, legs, the whole body, the voice. Join the fun! All you need is the enjoyment of life.
  46. 46. A usual pillow controller user published an instruction which enables you to create a controller from a usual pillow. It is suggested to use the miraculous invention in a game on portal which is called "Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out". Hit the pillow! Punch Mike out!
  47. 47. La Vitrine A joint project from the Moment Factory and PHOTONIC Dreams. The first developed the interactive system and created an interactive content for it. The latter created an original video wall from LED displays for La Vitrine in Montreal. The installation consists of 35 000 LED light bulbs and a tracking device which makes it possible to show various visualizations linked to the movement of passing by people. The visitors can enjoy the installation from 19.00 to 23.00. La Vitrine 145, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Montréal
  48. 48. Find the Nearest Tube Station An application from Acrossair. Forget about old tube maps! Use this wonderful programme which uses the video function of the iPhone 3GS, in order to find the nearest station of the London tube. When you download the application, hold the central button and all 13 lines of the London underground will be displayed in colored arrows on the pavement. By tilting the phone upwards you will see the nearest stations: what direction they are in relation to your location, how many kilometers away they are. If you continue to tilt the phone upwards, you will see the stations in front of you as stacked icons.
  49. 49. The most incredible joint musical video you have ever seen. The music video for Sour’s (a Japanese band)“Hibi no Neiro” (“Daily Sound”). It is filmed by Masashi Kawamura, Hal Kirkland, Magico Nakamura and Masayoshi Nakamura. The cast is chosen from the fans from all over the world. And… the most incredible…each one filmed only with their web camera.
  50. 50. Innovations in web
  51. 51. Playlist Formation via Mood Recognition SonyEricsson Mobile Communications registered a new invention which is capable of generating users’ playlists on the basis of their mood. The playlists are created be means of fixing the users’ mimics while they are listening to music compositions. This innovation couples various genres and songs with certain movements which are registered on the user’s face. Thus a smile generates a “happy” music playlist. bool.html&r=7&f=G&l=50&co1=AND&d=PG01&s1=Andreasson&OS=Andreasson&RS=Andreasson
  52. 52. Chronological Search from Google Google Labs launched a new product which is called "Google News Timeline”. The service enables you to carry out the search according to the key word and it presents the result composed of news, articles, pictures, and video as a timeline though the sources of information are still pretty limited. Thus users receive a chronologically structured and clear impression about events and topics. The period of information output can have time limitations.
  53. 53. Statistics and analytics
  54. 54. How Teenagers Consume Media Three pages of report from Morgan Stanley. The main conclusions: • Teenagers don’t listen to the radio, they use such services as Last.FM • Teenager watch certain seasonal programmes and types of sport and use servers similar to BBC iPlayer • Teenagers read only yellow and free press • The most popular console is Wii, then comes Xbox, and then PS3 • Every teenager has access to internet.Young people do not use Twitter but use Facebook. • Most teenagers enjoy and support virus marketing. • Teenagers from high income families use iPod’ами, and low income ones use mobile phones. • Teenagers visit cinemas quite often but not in order to watch Teenagers-Consume-Media films but to get together with friends. • 99% have mobile phones.
  55. 55. Brands should pay attention to digital consumers The findings of the Millward Brown research show that on average digital consumers have a 15 percent stronger relationship between the brand and the consumer than usual ones. The strongest relationship between a brand and a consumer was found for the airline brands which was twice as strong as their offline counterparts. Other key categories where digital consumers had stronger relationships with brands than non-digital included IT hardware (48% stronger), software (45% stronger), credit cards (33% stronger) and fragrances (29% stronger).The digital advantage between digital consumers and brands was found throughout the world with correlations to internet penetrations - Japan and Taiwan (+36%) scored the highest difference between offline and online consumers in correlation to brands.
  56. 56. Internet Advertisement in Russia: the audience and perception Different people have different attitude to the advertisement. Which of the Which sources of information are most important for you when you choose following statements is similar to your opinion? goods and services? Advertisement shapes my needs, attracts my attention to new goods and ideas. My experience, my own opinion Advertisement is a convenient way of gaining information about a commodity and its quality I do not trust advertisement, advertisement always gives positive coloring to a commodity Advice given by friends, acquaintances, family Can’t answer Experts’ opinion Urban population Advice given by shop assistants Local internet audience Those who don’t use the internet  Advertisement Production companies’ websites use the internet as a source of information about goods Users’ websites, users’ forums and services.  Local internet audience Those who don’t use the internet  Please, tell us if you see or don’t see advertisement in the internet? If yes, how Some people take advertisement on web sites calmly, others are irritated with often do you click advertisement links? it. Which group do you think you belong to? I do not see online advertisement Internet advertisement does not irritate Do not click advertisement links Internet advertisement irritates Rarely click advertisement links Often click advertisement links Can’t answer % of the monthly audience of the North – % of the monthly audience of the North – % от месячной интернет аудиториив СЗФО Western Federal District of Russia Western Federal District of Russia Socio-internet monitoring. North – Western Federal District of Russia. FOM: Public opinion Foundation. March 2009 
  57. 57. Problems which bother internet users… …less than they bother those who …more than they bother those who do not use the internet don’t use the internet The data is given in % from the whole group Optimism and discontent online “Georating” mega poll June 3-17, 2009. 1930 populated places , 68 subjects of the Russian Federation, 34 000 respondents. The situation with migrants  Ecological situation, Low level of salary Roads condition, roads Goods price increase Unsatisfactory condition of Unaffordable high prices in environmental situation the housing and public utilities. High prices on Real Estate Corruption and Bribing Corruption and Bribing housing and public utilities among authorities situation judicial authorities among law enforcement and City internet audience 25-44 years old 25 -44 y.o. city audience which has never used the internet
  58. 58. Sources
  59. 59. The last drop
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