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Grape Digital Trends Newsletter #2 English

Grape trends newsletter english version.

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Grape Digital Trends Newsletter #2 English

  1. 1. GRAPE Digital Trends Newsletter #2
  2. 2. Dear colleagues and partners. We are happy to present the second digest in which you will find a selection of interesting and surprising cases from the world of internet marketing and technical innovations. In the next issue all the subscribers will receive an application to the digest which we shall overcome the framework of this dry narrative and analyze the current condition of the market, reveal new tendencies and trends, present an original viewpoint on process which take course in the world of digital advertisement. With respect and love.
  3. 3. с4 best practices с10 online marketing с20 web 2.0 с23 mobile marketing с27 interactive media с29 communications 3.0 с34 sensational marketing с37 innovations in media с41 digital life style с47 innovations in web с50 statistics and analytics
  4. 4. Best practices
  5. 5. Samsung Last Call On the 7th July, 2009 100 people from across Europe competed in 24 music phone dance off. They danced listening tracks on Samsung Beat DJ phone. The winner got €10000 to take Swedish singer September out for dinner and keep the change. Each participant exchanged their phone to the promoted one before the show started and if anyone’s music was interrupted by a call or text, they were out.
  6. 6. Global Warming did take place? Watermarks project. What is the best way of attracting attention to the deglaciation and to rising sea level. Many would-be articles and disaster movies don’t create the desired effect. In February 2009 an installation was created in the center of Bristol. There flood level marks were projected on to the sides of buildings, showing how high water levels could potentially rise should the glaciers of the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans melt. When you see that a usual spot will be flooded… And the level of water is marked 28 meters above you…This is really impressive…
  7. 7. Mega – woosh ,) An example of efficient virus promotion – an event which attracted a massive amount of internet users was possible due to Microsoft Office. MS Project and other programmes screenshots were presented on a special website which reflects the realization of the project. projekt-megawoosh.php5
  8. 8. Doritos Late Night Doritos Chips and Blink 182 band created an exclusive 3D show due to augmented reality. A limited number of packs is a marker/key to the beginning of the band’s concert on the promo website. Placing the pack in front of the website the user initializes the beginning of the concert recording. After the virtual show the winners had a chance to win tickets to the real concert of Blink 182.
  9. 9. Virtual VISA This is a solution of the Russian problem of low popularity of credit cards. Using digital allows one to open a virtual VISA card and to use it for micro payments online, paying for goods and services via Internet. It is possible to acquire access to the world of internet purchases in any place in Russia where a QIWI terminal is available. Besides, there are no reasons to be afraid that the details of your credit card will be stolen – use the virtual card to make Internet payments and pay/ recharge it at payment terminals.
  10. 10. Online marketing
  11. 11. THE SPOT “Easter egg” on Quicksilver brand website. In the beginning it looks like a usual promo featuring skaters. But in a couple of seconds the characters overcome the framework of the video player and turn the website into a skate park. The method repeats the Youtube destruction in the demo in the Wario Land game from Nintendo Wii.
  12. 12. BF GOODRICH: KDW challenge An unusual way to demonstrate a consumer’s experience in product usage by BF Goodrich. In order to demonstrate what g-Force tires T/A KDW ("KDW" for Key feature: Dry and Wet traction) can do, the company selected several people who are in love with racing cars and racing. They were offered to try themselves in the role of race car passengers…The level of emotions and impressions which are rendered due to a huge amount of web cameras impresses. Having felt such empathy with the characters of the promo the viewers remain completely confident that these tires can cope with any challenge on the road.
  13. 13. Give up socialization! If you can… Social Media Addicts Association 1. Admit you have a problem but don't tweet about it. 2. Accept that you don't need upvotes to feel validated. 3. Understand the risks of poking strangers. 4. Repeat after me: "Twitter and alcohol don't mix". 5. Don't go cold turkey! Just delete one friend a day. But if you are not ready to give up your Facebook or Twitter and you cannot give up this habit…you will feel better Sony Vaio W Series - the best laptop for media addicts.
  14. 14. My Zappos An example of online marketing and social media working together. Zappos, an outfit and accessories online shop launched a service with allows your friends to share their opinion about possible purchases through open API Facebook and Twitter, thus making influence on the process of choice and purchasing.
  15. 15. HP Digital Genius HP together with Mensa has developed an online game named "Digital Genius", which measures users’ digital knowledge, their skills and abilities. The game allows you to share results with your friends or to boast in front of them. The game is liked to "Listen 2U", campaign in which Hewlett-Packard enables young people to demonstrate their talents in various situations and tasks, creates space for young geniuses with each other.
  16. 16. Seat Leon Remixer Berlin office of the G2 agency launched its version of the new SEAT Leon - ”LeonMixer” promotion campaign. It enabled users to create their own virus versions of the video clip right in the banner and to save their version on Youtube in a special promo channel.
  17. 17. Make your potion Backing up the launch of a new film from the Harry Potter saga В Warner Bros. Pictures and YouTube created the first ever film competition using augmented reality. Fans downloaded to a special channel their videos, which contained new formulas of recipes. It was necessary for the videos to contain augmented reality details from the website, which could be activated with a marker and a web camera.
  18. 18. The people’s reviewer Volkswagen and Tribal DDB launched in Great Britain a “People’s reviewer” project. The objective of the project is to promote Tiguan, a new brand of their cars. The idea of the project is that active network users, opinion leaders could tell about the car. 9 participants were chosen out of 1000 and they had to test the car in the course of a week and simultaneously to tell about their experience via video publications. Final voting for the best reviewer will take place on September 3. The prize is a Tiguan car.
  19. 19. Google Virtual Test Drive How can you drag online users into car salons? Fiat 500c managers in France came up with a great way of doing that: an online test drive. A consumer gets an impression from driving this car during an interactive journey along Paris/ London/ New York streets with Google Street View technology. It is important to remind that it is not the first game usage of Google maps. In May a ship control simulator using Google Earth in its gameplay was released.
  20. 20. Web 2.0
  21. 21. TWELPFORCE от Bestbuy Bestbuy, the largest retailer of electronics and household appliances, launched a project of direct communication with clients in Twitter. Any consumer can ask a question and the staff will answer it. Almost 10 000 subscribers and more than 3 000 posts/answers is an example of excellent brand representation in social media. An example of a similar project in Russia from Eldorado: eldorado_stores
  22. 22. Mustang Community Customizer Mustang new website makes it possible to create its designs for cars in the process of joint creativity in real time. The service proves the slogan: “Designed to be redesigned”. the2010mustang/?id=/customizer%3E
  23. 23. Mobile marketing
  24. 24. iLike App A new application from iLike – a social service of musical innovations – enables users to spend time well in real life: at the concert of the favourite band. It is based on joint usage of GPS navigator and iphone compass. Due to the application it is possible to find the nearest to the user actual concerts, to acquire information about bands and to look through events on a certain date and to buy tickets.
  25. 25. Pizza Hut App n application which not only makes it possible to make a quick order of pizza, pasta or wings in the nearest PizzaHut, but also enables the consumer to participate in the cooking process imitating the chef’s movements through manipulations with the phone.
  26. 26. Learning your digital portrait through cell phone Swedish company TAT (The Astonishing Tribe) used augmented reality technology to create “The Augmented ID” project. This is a mobile application that defines and visualizes the digital identities of people you meet in real life. Augmented reality is used to demonstrate actual information about your companion’s level of presence in social media, their latest activities and status, and all this through cell phone web camera.
  27. 27. Interactive media
  28. 28. The Future of Retail Holition demonstrates a way of using augmented reality in sales points. One of the problems sales digitalization can solve is fitting. Using a screen, a camera, special PO and a marker, it is possible to find most suitable watch or jewelry without even touching it.
  29. 29. Communications 3.0
  30. 30. All blacks Adidas и TBWA / Whybin have combined MS Photosynth and the fans to enable them to create a banner celebrating the 10th anniversary of “All Blacks” (New Zealand Rugby team). Those who by the team’s t-shirt in the course of the year get a chance to become one of 10 lucky winners who will shoot the team during the game as professional photographers with Canon high-end cameras. Those fans who wear АВ t-shirts will be given a chance to shoot expression at the tribunes. Photosynth technology unites all the pictures and on creates posters which are based on this pictures and can be downloaded online. Until now Barack Obama’s inauguration moment had been the most popular object shot with this technology. ishotthe2009allblacks/content/index.asp
  31. 31. IKEAFANS The project is devoted to the personal experience with IKEA products. Here you can follow or join the latest discussions about the brand, furniture, bedrooms, children’s room and kitchens. Thanks to this club IKEA has a chance to turn its fans into the brand advocates. All the brand has to do is to provide them with contents to ask their opinion and to join the discussions…And thus all the loyal consumers turn into ambassadors. And we all know that when choosing customers put most trust into their friends and acquaintances, who may have become IKEA brand ambassadors.
  32. 32. Cardboard races from Red Bull We all know about Red Bull Flugtag, a competition of self made flying objects. The brand develops the theme of fun pastime and offers to participate in online self-made cardboard objects races. Create any moving machinery from a constructor, organize the route, invite your friends and compete with them…and of course… download the results of your races into your blog!
  33. 33. Choose a different ending The GB police online project tells about the dangers of weapon and its usage. You can always do without touching a knife or a gun even if it self-defense as using it endangers somebody’s life. To demonstrate possible endings a film with various endings was created. Users via Youtube decide what comes next. v=JFVkzYDNJqo
  34. 34. Sensational marketing
  35. 35. 100 bucks digital campaign A virus promo by Brazilian agency Gringo. The success of the project is guaranteed by the demonstration of all the fears potential clients have when they apply to digital agencies…
  36. 36. Quick Acquaintances from Trident "Trident“ gums brand turned San Paulo underground into a location for quick acquaintances. The passengers had a chance to spent three minutes in the carriage with video cameras and the film crew. Short films with flirting couples were downloaded to Youtube and included the girls’ reactions to the guys who turned them down. The promos were very successful – everyone wanted to test a new way of getting acquainted)))
  37. 37. Innovations in media
  38. 38. Video in bicycle wheels from MonkeyLectric MonkeyLectric develops a series of products that combine LED displays and…bicycles. A new technology - "Video Pro m464q“ – makes it possible to play images and video while the wheels move. A picture in 256 colours is visible at the speed of 12-40 km/h. The playlist is changed with a remote control, which makes this system ideal for evening and promo events.
  39. 39. i-Aroma NTT Communications has developed a system of communicating fragrances online. i-Aroma service was tested from mid-July until late August. The system is based on an USB device (its height is 15 cm.) which holds 6 basic oils which create fragrances via commands which are transferred via the internet. The result is fragrances created by the machine. 360 lucky participants test it for free. One of two “aroma communication” formats of testing was chosen. The first one was developed by a professional astrologist and it gives out the fragrance which is characteristic of the planet dominating on that day. The second one is created by an aroma-therapist and it gives the user positive impressions affecting nose stimulus all day long. NTT created a closed community to allow the participants of the experiment exchange experience.
  40. 40. Youtubing championship Jeff Crouse, Aaron Meyers, Ania Wagner and Chris Vamos and Artbeam Art + Technology Centre in New York organized a competitive game with Youtube best videos. The participants chose several videos before the game started, placed them between augmented reality markers and in the process of competition demonstrated them to competitors and the viewers. The audience members chose the winners with laser pointers. Space? Definitely! But it is such fun!!!
  41. 41. Digital life style
  42. 42. Display buttons will soon become physically interactive Image that your car’s interface helps you with the choice of climate control regime…in a tactile way. Chris Harrison’s invention makes it possible to turn interfaces of electric devices and household appliances not only into interactive ones but also tactile, physical and sensitive.
  43. 43. Rhonda "Rhonda" is a software for 3D graphics which was created by Amit Pitaru in 2003. Rhonda has been demonstrated in various galleries, museums, festivals and conferences in the course of recent years. And finally we can watch an online video – the software in action. It is expected that stable release for various operational systems will soon take place.
  44. 44. Film Warcraft: the director of the film is defined Blizzard Entertainment and Legendary Pictures found a director for a film after the World of Warcraft. That will be Sam Raimi known as the director of “Spider Man ” and “30 Days of Night”. The phenomenon of the World of Warcraft long ago became part of pop culture and has become a common name. “Make Love. No Warcraft” episode of the Southpark 10th series can be considered as its most unexpected manifest.
  45. 45. A new way to use iPhones: drone control MIT student and professors are having fun. The cost of the project, including the robot is $5000. The biggest problem the leader of the project faced was not a technical one – every engineer had to have a personal iPhone…Watch the video – the future is so close.
  46. 46. WII Vitality Sensor will appear in 2010 Satoru Iwata, the president of Nintendo announced that a new Wii Vitality Sensor will appear in early 2010. A fingure sensor is connected to a Wiiremote and makes it possible to read the pulse. The versions of future usage sound blurred but nevertheless interesting: defining stressful conditions, helping in achieving relaxation, measuring players’ physical condition in games.
  47. 47. Innovations in web
  48. 48. The first augmented reality game Zugara agency continues to experiment with augmented reality technology. Now it is possible to take part in a virtual game in which animated characters do their best to use you as a target. Office plankton will finally start moving and the problem of hypo dynamics will be solved. If your colleague suddenly blenches and jumps away from the screen, a big chance is that he plays Cannon Ballz.
  49. 49. TweetCraft "TweetCraft" is a special Twitter function which is developed by Microsoft the World of Warcraft gamers. It enables them to transfer an easy way of communication to the location where they spend a lot of time. The programme makes it possible to send and to receive messages in the process of the game. Users have an opportunity to keep the messages and to select/control them while sending. Besides, the screenshot that users make in the process of the game can also be downloaded with TwitPic.
  50. 50. Statistics and analytics
  51. 51. Universal McCann - Wave 4 Blog Sphere and Internet Global Research 10-step programme for successful social media from Universal McCann: 1. Listen to and observe what the target audience do in social 6. Optimize your content for sharing – particularly via newsfeed and Twitter media 7. Use paid-for media to get the ball rolling 2. Create “a social object” that is relevant to the brand and of 8. Take advantage of extreme targeting offered by social networks. genuine interest to the target audience. 9. Make sure you have the resources to manage your community 3. Segment the target audience into “tribes”. Give them something they management and refresh the content. can join 10. Track the results and optimize where necessary 4. Allow them to engage via they preferred platform of choice – create multiple interfaces to your community. 5. Make the experience better when shared
  52. 52. Home Internet in Russia Russian users’ total Home internet expenses, % from those paying expenses for internet for for home Internet the first half of 2009 equaled approximately US Cable $1,1 billion. Besides, 16% of this sum is Moscow share Mobile ($173 million). Don’t Now Types of Internet access at home, % from those using the Internet at home.
  53. 53. Home Internet in Russia
  54. 54. Teenagers do not Twit
  55. 55. WOM Market in the States WOM Market in the USA is evaluated as $1.7 which is 10,2% higher than the previous year.
  56. 56. Sources
  57. 57. The last drop
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  59. 59. Balance Your Media Diet by_media_diet
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