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Paris JUG Second Anniversary


Published on vs, or how a commercial entity can cohabitate with an open source project and still play it "fair".

Published in: Technology, Education
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Paris JUG Second Anniversary

  1. 1. vs Vincent Massol ( 9 February 2010
  2. 2. Presentation: Vincent Massol ● 10 years doing open source development ● 7 years as a « pure player »  (i.e. Not paid) ● Creator of Cargo, Cactus, committer on Maven ● Founder OSSGTP ● Wrote several books on JUnit and Maven ● XWiki developer since 2005 ● CTO of XWiki SAS since December 2006 ● Blog: ● Twitter: vmassol
  3. 3. Presentation: ● Open source project at ● Second Generation Enterprise Wiki ● Generic Web development platform ● LGPL licence ● 15 active committers
  4. 4. Presentation: XWiki SAS ● Commercial company at ● Business Model ● Support, custom development, training, hosting, consulting ● No proprietary code, all under LGPL license ● 28 employees (12 committers, 7 contributors)
  5. 5. Community-Driven Open Source ● Business-friendly licence (e.g. LGPL) ● Separate & sites ● Meritocracy ● All Community members have the same power ● Benefits for Users ● Assurance the project won't disappear ● Allow investing on it ● Especially since XWiki is a dev platform ● Benefits for XWiki SAS ● Viral spread + international development ● Ecosystem which can compete with companies with more money (requires extension system)
  6. 6. How not to be « Evil » ● Published Project Governance ( ● Published Company Manifesto and Values ● ● ● Votes for anything important, with veto ● Vote for accepting new committers ● Need good quality patches, takes 3-6+ months of continuous patch for XWiki SAS newcomers to get voted in, same process as anyone else
  7. 7. Handling Conflicts of Interest ● Make sure to have committers not from the company ● Veto for all votes and vote all important decisions ● Roadmaps, new committers, etc ● Dedicate a person responsible for the well being of the community ● Dedicated XWiki SAS developers for the open source project ● All code under an open source license
  8. 8. Future Improvements ● Defined Governance for content ● Proposal sent: ● Add ads but same rules for everyone. ● Special distributions on ● To draw non-tech users ● More Bounties ● Non profit association