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Anti-crisis inaction plan


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Anti-crisis inaction plan

  1. Anti- crisis inaction plan
  2. Crisis
  3. How long will it last? P r e v i o u s
  4. It depends!
  5. Crisis action plan
  6. Blame markets!
  7. Anti- crisis inaction plan
  8. Blame Fed!
  9. Panic of 1837
  10. «I refrain from suggesting to Congress any specific plan … its adoption would not promote the real and permanent welfare of those they might be designed to aid» – Martin van Buren (D)
  11. Pre-crisis industrial production achieved in 1838, in 2 years
  12. Black Tuesday (1929)
  13. «Some of the reactionary economists urged that we should allow the liquidation to take its course... We would not follow the advice of the bitter-end liquidationists» – Herbert Hoover (R)
  14. «Practically the whole New Deal was extrapolated from programs that Hoover started» – Rexford Tugwell, F.D. Roosevelt (D) aide
  15. Pre-crisis GDP Achieved in 1936, in 7 years
  16. Black Monday (1987)
  17. «Adjustments can and will continue to be made to keep this country on the path to fiscal prudence» – Ronald Reagan (R)
  18. Pre-crisis industrial production achieved in the same year
  19. Why inaction?
  20. Crisis is a cluster of errors
  21. Government just can’t make from fish soup
  22. a new aquarium
  23. It can only transfer losses by force
  24. and disrupt profitable activities
  25. «The objective of credit expansion is to favor the interests of some groups of the population at the expense of others. This is the best that interventionism can attain when it does not hurt the interests of all groups». – Ludwig von Mises
  26. Anti-crisis inaction plan?
  27. Crisis action plan?
  28. Haste makes waste! By Vadim Novikov Special credits to Victor Agroskin