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Mobile Applications- A new PARADIGM of business Process OptimizationWhen you choose Copper Mobile to develop your mobile a...
 Mobile Application Development ProcessThe app development and coding phase brings your app to life. At this stage the co...
the Evolutionate App Development Process, and who will expertly code your project so that it       matches perfectly to ev...
 Website DesignFirst, our marketing team will establish a fully customized website to create and build a network andbrand...
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Mobile apps development process v 1.1


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Mobile apps development process v 1.1

  1. 1. Mobile Applications- A new PARADIGM of business Process OptimizationWhen you choose Copper Mobile to develop your mobile application, you get a front row seat and a directline of communication with the app development team. You will be assigned a dedicated project managerto communicate all aspects of the development process with you. Your project manager will be inconstant contact with you, making sure that the mobile app is developed exactly how you envisioned it.  Mobile Application Design ProcessDuring the app design process, you will be able to ascertain your app concept becoming a visual reality.This phase contains several elements meant to ensure that your app is developed precisely how youenvisioned it. During this period, you will meet with the mobile app design team to discuss and establishthe process flow and wire frame. This is essentially a rough sketch of your app, specifying what eachscreen is supposed to do. Once completed, the app designers will begin the UI design and app skin,where designers will turn the basic sketch and app wire frame into a full color user interface. After thedesign is approved, you will be presented a simulation or storyboard of the app to show how each pageshould look and function, along with the navigation architecture.Process Flow WireFrame StoryboadConfidential Business Collaterals Page 1
  2. 2.  Mobile Application Development ProcessThe app development and coding phase brings your app to life. At this stage the coding team takes overand puts the nuts and bolts together to create the core functionality of the app. This can include databasetables, navigation, social media integrations, GPS, andmore. During the app development process the teamwill complete a series of alpha and beta versions of yourapp to ensure all functionality works as expected.Here’s an outline of our process, and of course, we canexplain our process to you in greater detail when wetalk on the phone or on a video conference. Discovery That’s our way of saying that we’re going to listen to you, understand the requirements and designs you’ve created by you, explore your ideas to new levels, and do some research to make sure that we know exactly what you need. Understanding The way we see it, there’s really two parts to “understanding” your project. The first part is the discovery. The second part is to provide documentation to you that prove that we understand your requirements. We care not only about what this app does for the user, but how this app fits into your business, both short terms and long. And, we’ll put it on paper, to make perfectly sure that we understand each other…perfectly. Improvement One of the highest values we bring to app development is our ability to translate your specifications into something greater than you’ve imagined. Some people call this “brainstorming”. We just call it “using our experience in business, marketing, and technology and programming to suggest ways to make your app perform better for your users and for your company.” Making it better is just part of what we do. Document Prior to writing even one line of code, we document everything we will do. We start with a “wireframe” of your app’s flow and functionality. You’ll see, on paper, how your app will actually work, including every button, control, screen, message, video and sound. It will all be documented on our not-very-artful wireframe sketches of your app. (Wireframes are purposely un-beautiful, but full of functional meaning.) Design App popularity is not only a function of how well the app works, but how great the app looks. That’s why we apply an expert graphic design to each and every app we produce. Depending on their purpose, some apps are graphics-intensive, and others should be minimalistic. Regardless of your type of app, we’ll develop an appropriate design that promotes your new or existing brand, and engage the user. Coding Have you noticed that we’re five steps into our process and haven’t done any coding yet? I think you’ll find that the process of building a quality app is very similar to building a quality home — the architect, interior designer, plumber, carpenter, electrician and landscaper — these professionals all make their plans long before a single board is cut or hole is dug. That’s because it’s far easier to make changes in a design than it is to make actual changes to a finished product. We have teams of expert coders both overseas and here in the USA who are all participants inConfidential Business Collaterals Page 2
  3. 3. the Evolutionate App Development Process, and who will expertly code your project so that it matches perfectly to every piece of documentation we’ve produced, and every single expectation you have. Alpha Testing No app is so simple that it can be perfect at the very start. Beyond that, we sometimes find small tweaks that can make huge improvements in usability or the functionality of an app. That’s why we test everything we build on our own extensive and we test it to make sure that it’s as good as it can possibly be. If you’ve worked with another app developer before, and they haven’t focused on testing, it’s time to find a new app developer. Testing, along with design and documentation, are as much art as science. The actual coding is easy, by comparison to thorough design and testing. Beta Testing Our customers tend to exhibit an immense amount of pride when we get to this step. It’s often the first time they see, in real bits and pixels, the app they’ve imagined come to life. This is an opportunity for you, your associates, your family and friends (and whoever you decide) to take a look at the app and take it for a test drive. It’s an opportunity to compare, item by item, your specs for the app and the real thing. Oh, and if we happen to discover anything different between the two, we’ll go back and fix it and get you a new version to test. Our goal here isn’t to be “done” with your app, but to be “done right”. Release Releasing your app to the iPhone App Store, to Google’s Marketplace or the other app markets can be tricky, but don’t worry, we’ll do it all for you. We’ll deal with the submission of the app, the App Store testing process, uploading the app, and just about everything required to get your app ready to sell. All you need to do is what you do best: sell the heck out of your new app. (Oh, and a little Champagne on launch day is a good idea, too.) Warranty There are two kinds of software developers in the world: Those who tell you that they’ve never written a bad line of code, and those who tell the truth. Look, there will be bugs in all software. But our development process minimizes both the number and size of these bugs so that when your app is released, it’s as perfect as possible. That said, if a bug does get through, we’ll fix it, free. That’s because we’ll extend to you a 1 year warranty from the date your app is launched. That’s plenty of time for thousands — or tens of thousands — of users to use your app. And, if we find out about anything that doesn’t match the specifications, it’s OUR responsibility. We’ll fix it.  Mobile Application MarketingMarketing your mobile application is vital to the success of your game app, social networking app, orproductivity tool. Our in-house team of mobile app marketing experts will give your mobile app theexposure that it deserves. This phase, while the most fun, is also the most crucial phase during thelaunch of your mobile app. There is nothing better than seeing and hearing customers and businessesusing, talking about, and reviewing your app. Our marketing team is expert in website development,social media marketing, and search engine optimization. We invite you to come into one of our globaloffices to meet the app marketing team that will help make your app successful and profitable.Confidential Business Collaterals Page 3
  4. 4.  Website DesignFirst, our marketing team will establish a fully customized website to create and build a network andbrand for your mobile application. Working closely with the UI designer that created your app, we willtheme your website with the same functionality and graphic design used in your mobile application.Additionally, we integrate functions of your app into your website, creating a truly interactive webexperience to compliment your mobile application. With virtually limitlesspossibilities, we can integrate score boards, messaging, friend interactions, andmore.In addition to designing your mobile app website, our in-house search engineoptimization experts will optimize all content to ensure high placement in majorsearch engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. A high organic placement willreduce your mobile app marketing overhead while increasing site traffic.  Social MediaToday, it is more important than ever to have a strong social presence, both personally andprofessionally. Your new mobile app is no different. Our in-house app marketing experts will establish asocial network and social media presence that will increase buyer awareness and help generate a fanfollowing that craves content. Our marketing team of copywriters, social media experts, and developerswill also recreate the mobile app experience within major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Digg,and more.  Contact VoiceGateVoiceGate India Technologies Private Limited.Navbahaar,10-3-299/2/B,Humayun Nagar,Hyderabad - 500 028.www.voicegateindia.comConfidential Business Collaterals Page 4