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Audience portfolio


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Published in: Education
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Audience portfolio

  1. 1. Viet Pham Christ the King: Aquinas 13L4022 Audience profile
  2. 2. Name: Alex Osman Age: 18 Subjects: History, Business, Drama and English. Hobbies/Interests: • My interests include checking out the newest songs that have been released. I enjoy listening to various types of music and so I listen to lots of various genres. • Other interests include reading fictional and fantasy books such as ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘The Lord of the Rings’. • I am interested in going to university to study business and hopefully go in to the business management sector. • My film interests include genres like fantasy and adventure and I dislike the genre of horror. Festivals attended: • V festival
  3. 3. Name: Alexander Rasaq Age: 17 Subjects: History, Media studies, Business studies and Law. Hobbies/Interests: • I like listening to various types of music but I predominantly like listening to the genre of indie as there are few idols in that genre that I have listened to for a while such as ‘Two Door Club cinema’ and ‘Lana Del Rey’ as they have written some inspirational songs that I can relate to. • I also like keeping up with what is going on in the technological world so for example, I usually know the new phones that come out, the new songs and the new cars that come out. • I am interested in going to university to either do a history course or a media course because these are the two subjects that I enjoy the most and do well in. • I am also a keen sportsman as I like to play various sports such as football, rugby, tennis and a bit of athletics as well. • My film interests are generally in the genre of action, history based events as well horror. Music events: • Reading festival
  4. 4. Name: Lateefa Brown Age: 18 Subjects: Media studies, English, Drama and Spanish. Interests/Hobbies: • My interests include listening to different types of music but I generally like listening to the genre of indie as well as pop and rap. Idols that I look up to include the Ellie Goulding, Lady Gaga and Jay Z as they all have music that has deep meaning which I connected well with. • Other interests include reading about the latest fashion as well as looking out for deals and offers that certain places offer which could be beneficial for myself. I also enjoy going out to shop with friends as they give me advise as well as update me on events such as music festivals. • I also enjoy watching various types of films. Genres that I enjoy include romance, comedy, action as well as adventure. Music festivals: • Edinburgh festival • V festival