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Ageless body timeless_mind_deepak chopra


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Understanding the human engineering of the body and the way of Dr. Deepak CHopra

Published in: Self Improvement
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Ageless body timeless_mind_deepak chopra

  1. 1.  An aging cell is the end product of awareness that has forgotten how to remain new  There is no objective world independent of observer  Flow of intelligence is PRANA
  2. 2.  Wherever thought goes, a chemical goes with it  Intention is the active partner of attention  “I want to improve in energy and rigor every day”  Every cell in your body is totally aware of how you think and feel about yourself
  3. 3.  Nurture knowledge that the world is YOU  MEDIATATION- classic technique to master awareness in timelessness  Experience is not what happens to you, it is what you do with what happens to you
  4. 4.  If you want to change your body, change your awareness first, everything that happens to you is a result of how you see yourself  Reestablishing the memory of your connection with the quantum field will awaken the memory of renewal in your body
  5. 5.  I‟m the witness, the interpreter, the self beyond self image. This self is ageless and timeless  Whatever is flexible and flowing will tend to grow  Life is „awareness in action‟
  6. 6.  Health lifestyle- increases 30 years delay to aging  Without negative influences the organs, and tissues lasts for 115- 130 years
  7. 7.  Satisfying long term relationship  Job satisfaction  Feeling personal happiness  Regular daily routine  Regular work routine
  8. 8.  Adaptability- FREEDOM from conditioned responses 1. Responding creatively to change 2. Freedom from anxiety 3. Continued ability to create and innovate 4. High levels of adaptive energy 5. A capacity to integrate new things into one‟s existence 6. Wanting to stay alive
  9. 9.  The activity of exercising, represents conscious willed behavior  Awareness precedes function, function precedes structure  Through practice and dedication, you can heal any imbalance in the mind-body system through awareness, once the appropriate technique of relaxation, release and insight are LEARNED..
  10. 10.  Paying attention to your body  Focused intention  Trigger for transformation  Intentions and the field  Every cell in your body is seeking fulfillment through joy, beauty, love and appreciation
  11. 11.  „it is normal to have all desires be fulfilled, if your awareness is open and clear‟  An intention is a signal sent from you to the field, and the result you get back from the field is the highest fulfillment that can be delivered to your particular nervous system
  12. 12.  Gaining clarity about the mechanics of intention is the most important step in achieving anything Today I intend to 1. More energy 2. More alertness 3. More youthful enthusiasm 4. More creativity 5. Continuous improvement in physical and mental capacity at all levels
  13. 13. “My internal cues are my best feedback, and the more I respond to them, the more I will amplify the force of my intentions to get the outcome I want” Intelligence ~ creative power
  14. 14.  If the body‟s intelligence is at full strength, disorder and chaos do not attack a cell Influence a cell‟s intelligence DIRECTLY = BALANCE
  15. 15.  7-8 hrs sleep a night  Eating breakfast almost everyday  Not eating between meals  Maintain normal weight  Regular physical activity  No smoking  Moderate drinkings
  16. 16.  What seems to pay off is sheer REGULARITY- the kind of diet or physical activity being followed was not taken into consideration  Respect gives trust and confidence  Restful alertness  Hypo metabolic wakefulness
  17. 17.  I am spirit  This moment is as it should be  Unity is part of the overall order of things  Change is infused with non-change  Entropy holds no threat, because it is under the control of infinite organizing power
  18. 18.  I carry the consciousness of immortality in the midst of mortality  My desires of part of this moment, and what I need is provided here and now  I embrace the here and now, because it allows me to see new aspects of myself  I‟m getting to know the absolute by playing here in the relation
  19. 19.  I am perfect as I am. Everything in my life is looking toward my ultimate good. I‟ an loved and I am love  Pain in present expressed as lust  Pain in past remembered as anger  Pain in the future perceived as anxiety Unexpressed anger = guilt = depression
  20. 20. 1. Listen to your body’s wisdom 2. Live in the present 3. Take time to be silent, to meditate, to quiet the internal dialogue 4. Relinquish your need for external approval 5. Realize that you’re only struggling with your self 6. Know that the world “out there” reflects your reality “in here” the goal is self knowledge 7. Shed the burden of judgment 8. Don’t contaminate your body 9. Replace fear motivated behavior with love motivated behavior 10. Understand that physical world is just a mirror of a deeper intelligence
  21. 21.  Living in balance and purity is the highest good for you and the earth  Diet, exercise, breathing, behavior, emotions  FRESHNESS = PRANA  Timeless awareness
  22. 22.  Internal goals (happiness, self acceptance, creativity, satisfaction that one is doing one‟s best at all times)  Freedom from time pressure  Little thought of self image; action focused on present moment  Reliance on intuition and leaps of imagination  Detach from change and turmoil; no fear of death  Positive experience of being  Selflessness; altruism; sense of shared humanity ( Typical motivation of can I help!)
  23. 23.  Sense of personal immortality  Nothing makes people age faster than FEAR  Expand your effort on MEDIATATION, YOGA, CREATIVE VISUALIZATION- to faster discovery of THE SELF  Only you ca open and close you HEART
  24. 24. Think about love Talk about love Seek out love Encourage love Yesterday is today’s memory, tomorrow is today’s dream