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Aggregating Content with A SmallBiz How-To


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In a content marketing strategy, you can create your own content and curate (i.e., share) relevant content created by other people. One easy way to share both your created and curated relevant content together in your social media channels is to use the free online newspaper platform

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Aggregating Content with A SmallBiz How-To

  1. 1. A Small Business Digital Media Presentation of Vermont Small Business Marketing Associates @VSBmarketing |
  2. 2. Before you start, make sure you are tweeting about your own created content and curating content from others on Twitter using your relevant business keywords as hashtags.
  3. 3. Start a newspaper at by signing up via your Twitter account.
  4. 4. Use the ‘Appearance’ option under ‘Paper settings’ to set your unique font and color scheme.
  5. 5. Select the ‘Content’ option, and click the ‘Edit sources’ link.
  6. 6. Within the window titled ‘Find & select content sources for your paper,’ select ‘My accounts.’
  7. 7. Click on your Twitter account, and click on the plus sign next to ‘Your timeline links,’ ‘Your tweeted links,’ and ‘Your favorites.”
  8. 8. Select the ‘column icon’ next to ‘Your timeline links’ on the right side of the window.
  9. 9. Enter your relevant business keywords in the ‘ALL of these words’ filter, and click ‘Done’ at the bottom of the window.
  10. 10. Scroll to the bottom of the content customization page, and select the ‘Covered topics’ that most relate to your business keywords. Click ‘Save.’
  11. 11. Select what time you want your newspaper to be published under ‘Publishing schedule’ on the ‘Settings’ page.
  12. 12. Review the top headlines in the most recent edition to make sure your content is relevant to your audience.
  13. 13. Pick a question, phrase or headline from one of the top stories to highlight in a tweet.
  14. 14. Select and copy the URL at the top of the page of your newspaper.
  15. 15. Go to Google’s URL Shortener at, and create a short link from that long URL.
  16. 16. Compose a tweet that includes the short link, your relevant keywords as hashtags, and the question, phrase or headline you picked.
  17. 17. Visit VSBMA’s Small Business Digital Marketing How-To Center at for more Tips ’n Tricks on this and other social media topics.