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Invitation: Free Webinar with Dr. Thomas Strasser

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Invitation: Free Webinar with Dr. Thomas Strasser

  1. 1. Invitation to a free webinar Quick ‘n dirty – a survival kit for the digital jungle Presenter: Dr. Thomas Strasser – PH Wien / Vienna College of Education Host: Tilly Harrison – University of Warwick Date: 15.05.2014 - 19:00h – 20:30h • A practical talk presenting hands-on toolkits for practitioners who would like to explore the basics of internet-based language teaching. • Simple but effective tools and tricks for the digital EFL lesson (podcasting tools, visual prompts, quiz generators, URL shrinkers, etc.) • The potential advantages of basic internet-based language • Quick and dirty tools and tricks: (i.e. extremely intuitive, simple and free) - do not require technical expertise but rather didactic talent (WHAT will be done with the tool). • Practical answers to these problems in order to partly de- mystify the complexity of internet-based language teaching • Access link:
  2. 2. Select the option „enter as a guest“ Enter your full name !!! into the textbox You don’t need any login data !!! Register by writing an email to If yours is a first time registration, please send along the name of your school, university or other institution for our database. Certificates of attendance can be obtained upon demand. Organiser: Jürgen Wagner