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Invitation: Webinar about PoodLL - the language lab for Moodle

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Invitation: Webinar about PoodLL - the language lab for Moodle

  1. 1. Invitation to free webinar with Justin Hunt PoodLL – the language lab for Moodle PoodLL is a set of plugins for Moodle that add audio and video recording, and other interactive features. It was written as a tool for language teachers. In this webinar the PoodLL developer will - introduce PoodLL - show some of the ways he has used it in classes to encourage speaking (this is fun) - talk a little about the technical stuff (not too tricky) - Open up a "sandpit" area for attendees to try out PoodLL's various features. PoodLL is free and open source software. Presenter: Justin HUNT PoodLL developer Thursday, 26. 06. 2014 – 16:00h – 17.30h (!!!) Exceptional starting time as Justin lives in Japan.
  2. 2. Simply send an email to to register If yours is a first time registration, please send along the name of your school, university or institution Access: Link: You will need neither a login name nor a password - Select the option “Enter as a Guest” and key in your full !!! name - Click on “Enter Room” - Once you are inside go through the guided soundcheck [at the top left: Meeting > Audio Setup Wizard] Check [and register] for other free LPM-webinars for foreign language teachers hosted by Jürgen Wagner Spread the word, bring a friend !!!