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Modern Rapid Application Development - Too good to be true


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Webinar: Modern Rapid Application Development - Too good to be true. The age-old problem chasing Enterprise IT custom application software development is the inability to deliver applications on time and at the speed at which business demands. Add to the mix the increasing demands on IT due to consumerization and mobility. Is the modern Rapid Application Development the answer to the problems that plague today’s Enterprise IT? Or is it too good to be true?

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Modern Rapid Application Development - Too good to be true

  1. 1. Modern Rapid Application Development Too Good to be true? WEBINAR / WAVEMAKER RAD
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONS Mayur Shah Customer Success Enterprise (Asia) Venugopal Jidigam Director Cloud Platform WaveMaker, Inc. Headquartered in Mountain View, CA Enterprise Software Platform for Custom App Delivery
  3. 3. Pramati Technologies Parent company of WaveMaker Inc. Serving Enterprise Customers since 1998 – Global offices (US, UK & India) – 1000+ employees – Over a 1,000 Enterprise customers including 70+ from Fortune 500 – Recognized leader in Enterprise products; First J2EE certified App Server – Deloitte Fast 500 Visionary. 10 years. Acquired 2012 by 4
  4. 4. AGENDA Introductions Enterprise App Development Modern RAD WaveMaker Rapid Application Delivery Platform Live Demo Q&A
  5. 5. IS ENTERPRISE INNOVATION? Every Enterprise wants to Cut short time to market product and services Create meaningful and engaging experiences with users Provide rich capability at hands of users Maximize reach of its product and services Develop highly sustainable business models and growth Answer lies in its Custom Application Development "The key driver to business innovation"
  6. 6. History of Custom Application Development Mainframe Client Server Internet 3-Tier Web Apps Responsive Web Mobile Hybrid Native Modern Apps Modern Apps Mainframe Client Server Internet 3-Tier Web Apps FEATURES TIME TO DELIVER USABILITY Today’s Expectations
  7. 7. Demand vs. Supply 70% of enterprises will have citizen development policies by 2020 - Gartner By End of 2017, Mobile App Development demand will be 5 times more - Gartner 2017 Predictions On average, businesses estimate spending 11% of their 2014 IT budgets on custom mobile apps and related technologies - CDW Research One in six projects have a cost overrun of 200%, on average, and a schedule overrun of almost 70%. - HBR Study 75% of business and IT executives anticipate their software projects will fail. - Geneca Study Survey on New Application Development indicates that there is a 4% chance that the project will come in on time, on budget, and not lacking critical features 
  8. 8. Developer Expectations •Simplify development of UI •Make my job simpler to develop •Use Best of Breed Components •Allow for maximum reusability •Easy to Maintain and Change/Upgrade •Continuous Delivery
  9. 9. End User Expectations •Great looking user experience •Integrated Experiences •Fast and Engaging Web Experiences •Customized and Personalized •Always Available on multiple devices •Connected and Social
  10. 10. Enterprise Expectations •Agility •Involve Business Users •Platform Capability •Anytime, Anywhere and Anyplace •Secure, Scalable and Easily Maintainable •Low TCO
  11. 11. Technologies transforming the very nature of programming Responsive Web Browsers Version ControlAPI Growth Front End Technologies App Deployment
  12. 12. Emergence of Modern RAD End User Expectations Enterprise Expectations Technological Innovations Developer Expectations Modern RAD (Rapid Application Delivery) Platform
  13. 13. RAD Modern RAD Primarily focused on Code Generation Focused on entire application delivery Less Focus on Usability Usability and User Experience is a primary driver Required Setup, Configuration Browser Based Development - No setup API Integration was complex and time consuming Seamless creation of API Centric Applications Requires development effort for each device Develop Once and Run/View on multiple devices Application required Scale Up Applications can be scaled out using commodity hardware (a.k.a Cloud) Release management and DevOps outside Integrated with Release Management, Dev Ops RAD vs Modern RAD
  14. 14. What is WaveMaker Studio?
  15. 15. WaveMaker RAD – Develop Enterprise Apps in Days, NOT MONTHS Page Layouts and Templates Application Themes Custom Styles Visual RAD Automatic Responsive Multi Device Standards Based Web App Mobile Hybrid Enterprise Developer Network Project Collaboration Share And Discover APIs Database Designer Web Services Prefabs One-Click Test and Deploy Auto-Publish REST APIs On-Prem, Private or Public Continuous Integration Release Management Leading Open Standards, Rapid App Development Platform Journey of Your Application – Turbocharged
  16. 16. Visual Rapid App Development Panel for widget properties and styling Simplified security, integrations and data modelling Drag & Drop Widgets, Layouts, & themes WYSIWYG canvas Instant Test 1 Click Deploy
  17. 17. Open Standards-based Stack Open Standards Stack
  18. 18. Visual RAD for Responsive Design
  19. 19. Visual RAD for Hybrid Mobile NEW
  20. 20. Data Model Designer Design Data Model Import existing Schema
  21. 21. Develop Web Centric Applications SalesForce NetSuite Office360 Taleo GoogleDocs SAP PeopleSoft JD Edwards Oracle Apps Business Logic & Database
  22. 22. VCS Integration Online Options Enterprise Options
  23. 23. Security Authentication - Built-In - Multiple Providers - Custom Authorization - Coarse Grained - Fine Grained In-Built Login Module
  24. 24. Web Responsive Templates
  25. 25. Mobile templates & Layouts
  26. 26. Single-click Deploy to Cloud
  27. 27. No More Stigma • WaveMaker Studio developed Application – Enterprise Standards Based – Leverages Best of breed Open Source – Generated Application Code • Modularized and Easily Maintainable • Follows standard design patterns • Customizable (Frontend as well as Backend) – Robust Security built into the app – Scalable – Supports exporting Maven Project
  28. 28. Benefits of WaveMaker RAD • Greatly Reduce Time and Effort • Make End Users Happy with good looking applications • Future Proof your Investments • Mobilize your workforce • Freedom to deploy your apps anywhere • Increase Project Success by full Stakeholder involvement • Overcome any Stigma associated with RAD
  29. 29. WaveMaker Showcase Applications
  30. 30. WaveMaker – Product Offering WaveMaker Enterprise (WME) WaveMaker Enterprise (WME) WaveMaker Online (WMO) WaveMaker Online (WMO)
  31. 31. 31 DeploymentHorizontal scalability. Security and use of enterprise data. WaveMaker Cloud Development Component assembly Rapid app development Tooling to support all phases WaveMaker Studio Integration API-led Integration Integration with Legacy Apps WaveMaker Gateway Management Configuration, Administration and Monitoring WaveMaker LaunchPad Collaboration Increase efficiency of Application Delivery Enterprise Developer Network Purpose WaveMaker Module WaveMaker Enterprise – Putting it all together Enterprise Innovation Infrastructure
  32. 32. Live Demo!
  33. 33. Get WaveMaker! Sign up on WMO for FREE Trial Request Demo of WaveMaker Watch out for Next Webinar in the month of November!!
  34. 34. Q&A