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Drain care


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Drain care

  1. 1. Drain CareDrainage output helps determine progression of healingIf more than one drain is present, label and document separatelyDavol• emptied every shift and recorded• measure and dispose of fluid• pump the bulb until the balloon fills the chamber• close the port by reinserting the plugNG tube• emptied as needed - canister changed every 72 hours• measure, mark, and record output every 8 hours
  2. 2. Drain Care (continued)Jackson-Pratt (JP)/Blake• emptied every 8 hours or as needed• open the tip of the bulb, measure, and record volume• completely decompress bulb to reestablish the vacuumDepuy - monitored every shift (but never emptied)• ensure that clamp is open for drainage• mark and date the output every 8 hours• change when full or not workingPenrose• emptied every 8 hours• record drainage in ostomy bag or number of dressing changes if no bag is used
  3. 3. Drain Care (continued)Stryker reinfusion drain• Closed blood recovery system used post operatively to collect, filter, and allow for reinfusion of autologous blood• Must not be turned upside down at any time• Only an RN can reinfuse the Stryker drain• Must have at least 300 ml for the first transfer• An amount of fluid remains in the reservoir after transfer - this should not be reinfused• After reinfusion is discontinued (six hours) from the time written on the front of the drain, the drain is cut and capped off• The unit functions as a wound drain at this time• Canister is then emptied every shift