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Case study: Artfinder


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Case study: Artfinder
Priscilla Li, Founder, Business Development & Content, Artfinder
Alexandra Jorge, Production Manager, Artfinder

On 7 June 2011 Arts Council England, the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA) announced a new £500,000 Digital R&D Fund for Arts and Culture, for projects that harness digital technologies to connect with wider audiences and explore new ways of working.

Project proposals will focus on six key ares: six areas: user-generated content and social media; distribution; mobile, location and games; data; resources; and education and learning.

The Digital days aim to:
- encourage new partnerships and collaborations between arts and cultural organisations and technology companies
- inform participant about opportunities of using digital technologies
- provide information on the Digital R&D Fund for Arts and Culture

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Published in: Technology, Business
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Case study: Artfinder

  1. 1. Digital  days  –  Manchester   27  July  2011   For  Digital  Days  -­‐  Private  and  Confiden5al  –  July  2011  
  2. 2. Every  sector  has  its  des/na/ons   MUSIC   For  Digital  Days  -­‐  Private  and  Confiden5al  –  July  2011  
  3. 3. Every  sector  has  its  des/na/ons   BOOKS   For  Digital  Days  -­‐  Private  and  Confiden5al  –  July  2011  
  4. 4. Every  sector  has  its  des/na/ons   MOVIES   For  Digital  Days  -­‐  Private  and  Confiden5al  –  July  2011  
  5. 5. Every  sector  has  its  des/na/ons   PEOPLE   For  Digital  Days  -­‐  Private  and  Confiden5al  –  July  2011  
  6. 6. Yet  art  is  a  massive  digital  blank  canvas   For  Digital  Days  -­‐  Private  and  Confiden5al  –  July  2011  
  7. 7. ArCinder  -­‐  the  home  for  art  on  the  web   For  Digital  Days  -­‐  Private  and  Confiden5al  –  July  2011  
  8. 8. How  to  find  –  and  find  out  more   For  Digital  Days  -­‐  Private  and  Confiden5al  –  July  2011  
  9. 9. How  to  enjoy,  understand  and  remember   For  Digital  Days  -­‐  Private  and  Confiden5al  –  July  2011  
  10. 10. How  to  share  and  propogate   For  Digital  Days  -­‐  Private  and  Confiden5al  –  July  2011  
  11. 11. ArCinder  is  built  off  four  interconnected  components   Purchase  &   Content  &   Consume   Catalogue   Discovery            Community  &   &  Naviga/on   Profile   For  Digital  Days  -­‐  Private  and  Confiden5al  –  July  2011  
  12. 12. Content:  Database  of  12k+  ar/sts,  500k+  works,  2.5k+  galleries  –  and  growing   Content  &    Catalogue   For  Digital  Days  -­‐  Private  and  Confiden5al  –  July  2011  
  13. 13. Content:  Biographies  and  works  of  ar/st   For  Digital  Days  -­‐  Private  and  Confiden5al  –  July  2011  
  14. 14. Content:  Updates  and  reminders  -­‐    Foursquare  and  Twi[er   For  Digital  Days  -­‐  Private  and  Confiden5al  –  July  2011  
  15. 15. Social  &  Profile:  Build  your  own  collec/ons  and  “to  dos”          Community   &  Profile   For  Digital  Days  -­‐  Private  and  Confiden5al  –  July  2011  
  16. 16. Social  &  Profile:  See  what  your  friends  are  collec/ng   For  Digital  Days  -­‐  Private  and  Confiden5al  –  July  2011  
  17. 17. Social  &  Profile:  Move  beyond  the  post-­‐card   For  Digital  Days  -­‐  Private  and  Confiden5al  –  July  2011  
  18. 18. Discover:  Search  via  image  recogni/on   Image   recogni,on   Discovery     &  Naviga/on   For  Digital  Days  -­‐  Private  and  Confiden5al  –  July  2011  
  19. 19. Discover:  Magic  Tour  and  recommenda/ons   For  Digital  Days  -­‐  Private  and  Confiden5al  –  July  2011  
  20. 20. Discover:  Where  to  view  the  work   For  Digital  Days  -­‐  Private  and  Confiden5al  –  July  2011  
  21. 21. Consume:  iPad  publishing  plaCorm   For  Digital  Days  -­‐  Private  and  Confiden5al  –  July  2011  
  22. 22. Opportunities and synergies •  Increase public access via tablets, smart phones and website –  Physical footfall –  Digital access to works in stacks, on loan, not on display •  Explore new revenue opportunities via tablets, smart phones and website –  New channels for ecommerce & print on demand –  Digital publishing •  Extend existing print initiatives (e.g. new exhibitions) •  Reach back into “out of print” older catalogues" For  Digital  Days  -­‐  Private  and  Confiden5al  –  July  2011  
  23. 23. Collaboration across digital industries •  Paul Holberton Publishing, Art Historian and Publisher •  Introanalytics Limited, Recommendations Systems •  AND many museums and galleries.. For  Digital  Days  -­‐  Private  and  Confiden5al  –  July  2011  
  24. 24. Challenges •  Establishing data standards and formats –  Producing flexible and simple content guidelines •  Delivering on a wide scope of deliverables within aggressive timelines –  Dedicated technical resources and project management –  Sprints –  User testing and QA •  Managing the costs and time required to digitise content –  Knowing how to work with various organisations with varying degrees of technical sophistication and limited resources –  Deciding on what technologies or tools to develop For  Digital  Days  -­‐  Private  and  Confiden5al  –  July  2011  
  25. 25. Learning / Impact•  Importance of structured content•  Value of strong partnerships with clear objectives, deliverables and individual core competencies•  Dedicated project management resources to ensure prioritisation and communication within all stakeholder groups For  Digital  Days  -­‐  Private  and  Confiden5al  –  July  2011  
  26. 26. Thank you   @ar2inder   h7p://   For  Nesta  TSB    -­‐  Private  and  Confiden5al  –  July  2011