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Consulate SEO Case Study: 10X+ Organic Clicks Growth - Joanna Vaiou - Consulate SEO Case Study: 10X+ Organic Clicks Growth - Joanna Vaiou. Search Engine Optimization Services case study for an official Consulate / Diplomatic Mission Abroad.

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Consulate SEO Case Study: 10X+ Organic Clicks Growth - Joanna Vaiou

  1. 1. Consulate SEO OnSite & Technical SEO Case Study Achieving a 10X+ Organic Growth (in Clicks) with On-page & Technical SEO Work on a new client project (in less than 2 months)
  2. 2. Technical SEO Audit on a 89 pages website. Started with a 61% score and took it to an 89% score for the technical part (as of now). Did not touch core web vitals (yet).
  3. 3. I designed and applied custom On-Page SEO Strategy for 89 individual website pages on a Wordpress website. The On-Page SEO strategy included the following: 1. Checking current organic status for each, finding strengths and weaknesses through Search Console and AHREFS 2. Keyword Research through AHREFS Tool (Traditional & Competition research) 3. Setting main target keywords and secondary ones 4. Crafting custom & unique Meta Title, Meta Description, Google & User-friendly URL, H1,H2,H3 (heading tags) for each page 5. Applying the necessary 301 redirects wherever I changed the url to a friendlier one 6. Optimizing at least one image per single page/post for the main and secondary target keywords (image file names, re-uploading them, image title, image alt title, image description and caption) 7. Went to, typed > “ “main keyword” “ to find relevant internal pages mentioning the main target keyword in their content, in order to create internal links to each page and increase their relevancy factor in Google’s eyes. 8. I consulted my Client’s team copywriting responsible person on what type of content should be written for each of the 89 pages.
  4. 4. We started with a 96 Organic clicks metric the month before my (and my assistants’) work started (July 2020). There was only one search console account for the wrong url version of the website from what the canonical version was. So I had to save that information and create a new Search Console account that would track the canonical url version of the site, where our work is applied on. The new account started counting from zero.
  5. 5. In the first month of our work, we increased the organic clicks from 96/m to 860/m. This is a 9X Growth.
  6. 6. From when we started (early Aug 2020) through today, we increased the organic clicks from 96/m to 1016/m. This is a 10X+ Growth in less than 2 months of On-Page and Technical SEO (TEAM) work.
  7. 7. What about organic keywords visibility & rankings distribution in this timeframe? How did we progress when it comes to the number of organic keywords for which the website appears on the first 100 organic results on Google?
  8. 8. The “after”: Organic keywords visibility and distribution on the first 100 Google results NOW.
  9. 9. Last Notes – How to Use this Information 1. If you are a company interested in getting your website in a better shape on Google, technically and visibility wise, and you also are in a medium competition industry, you should expect similar results of organic growth and from your SEO Specialist to deliver the progress report, exactly like I presented to you here in this file. Your SEO Specialist should set clear expectations (yours and theirs). 2. If you are an SEO Specialist, you can and should expect from yourself to deliver this type of growth to companies wanting to initially optimize their website status in the eyes of users and of course Google. If your client is in a high-end niche, this means that you can get them a positive ROI for their investment in your talents within the first two months and before the Monthly SEO Ongoing work begins.
  10. 10. Like, Comment, or Share (if you found my presentation helpful). Thank you!