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Why should you be linked in


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Why should you be linked in

  1. 1. Why should you be LinkedIn Simone Pasmore Webstylze Ltd.
  2. 2. The Network Clients + Professionals inPotential Clients The industryBuilding relationships Opportunity for future employees You & Your Company News Professionals in Feeds on Industry Related industryrelated news & new Opportunity for future releases Consultants
  3. 3. Corporate ShowcaseBrand IntegrityAre you respected by industry leaders? Are you anindustry leader?Product KnowledgeAre you adequately able to promote your products &or services? This is the place to do it!Cutting EdgeAre you or your company on the cutting edge oftechnology? Are you able to adequately represent yourbrand through various digital mediums?
  4. 4. The Public Resume Experience Education Interests Philanthropy
  5. 5. Expose yourBrand
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