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Web Governance: Where Strategy Meets Structure

Lisa Welchman's slides from Web Governance by Lisa Welchman and Peter Morville at IA Summit 2013.

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Web Governance: Where Strategy Meets Structure

  1. 1. @morville @lwelchmanWeb Governance:Where Strategy Meets Structure
  2. 2. I was inspired by a ginormous fungus
  3. 3. range a mind of its ownYour digital presence is like a ginormous fungus opportunistic organic
  4. 4. The governance of a fungus“A combination of goodgenes and a stableenvironment hasallowed this particularlyginormous fungus tocontinue its creepingexistence over the pastmillennia.”
  5. 5. The governance of your web
  6. 6. Governing the Internet
  7. 7. Governing the Web
  8. 8. Governing your web
  9. 9. Every time we invent a new technology, somelevel of governance eventually applies... norms regulation standardization
  10. 10. Source:
  11. 11. ... --- ... | -- -.-- | .-- . -... | ... .. - . | .. ... | .- -... --- ..- - | - --- | ..-. .- .. .-..
  12. 12. “…the Department of Commerce became worried that too many stations --especially amateur and experimental -- were making broadcasts intended for thegeneral public, and, effective December 1, 1921, adopted regulations whichrestricted public broadcasting to stations which met the standards of a newlycreated broadcast service classification.”US Early Radio History– Thomas H. White
  13. 13. Western Unioninternal memo,1876"This telephone has toomany shortcomings to beseriously considered as ameans of communication. The device is inherently ofno value to us.”
  14. 14. Film - 1915The New York Times, from an interview with D. W. Griffith“The time will come, and in less than 10 years, when thechildren in the public schools will be taught practicallyeverything by moving pictures…Imagine a public library ofthe near future, for instance. There will be long rows ofboxes of pillars, properly classified and indexed, ofcourse. At each box a push button and before each box aseat.”
  15. 15. mother nature likes to govern too
  16. 16. governance helps sustain things over time
  17. 17. when things deviate from governing norms, at a certain point, unusual things will happen
  18. 18. sometimes it’s sort of fun
  19. 19. sometimes not
  20. 20. sometimes annoying
  21. 21. Governing paradigms change over time.We get to control them. We get to make them up.
  22. 22. ARPANETWhat are wegoing to do withour possibility?How are yougoing togovern?
  23. 23. A job you likeWorld peace Governance = Sustenance Better outcomes for your business
  24. 24. Sometimes governance is so bad you can’t do anythingthat makes any sense.
  25. 25. this is stasis – otherwise known as “hitting the wall”
  26. 26. everyone doing their own thingunknown number of domains/websitescountless applicationsun-moderated/unknown social accountsnot enough web budgetunknown web budgetstressangerineffectivenesswaste
  27. 27. A definition Enterprise web governance ensures the proper stewardship of an organizational web presence.
  28. 28. Stewardship not ownership Ownership makes little sense in the context of the Internet, WWW, and enterprise digital efforts. The enterprise digital presence exists and those who work in the organization are its stewards.
  29. 29. Why things are hard You are here
  30. 30. Different places for different channels social might be heremobile might be here websites might be here
  31. 31. Governance facilitates effective, sustainedcollaboration & growth by providing a frameworkfor execution.
  32. 32. Governance framework components
  33. 33. The strategy principles funding desired outcomes
  34. 34. Policy
  35. 35. Accessibility Standards Page Titles Metadata Headings Links Social MediaStakeholder Input Decision Information Security Content and CopywritingCommunications X Intellectual Property ProtectionOffice of the CIO X XUser Experience X X Browser CompatibilityLine of Business X DomainsLibrary X Vanity DomainsContent Contributors X Search Engine Optimization Web Records Management Copyright Notice Use of Third-Party Content Posting Photographs of People Use and Display of Brand 404 Error Message Editing and Proofing for the Web
  36. 36. The team
  37. 37. Lisa