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Link. Digital Client Onboarding. KYC/AML. Regtech.

Link. Digital Client Onboarding. KYC/AML.
Link. offers fast, scalable, secure, digital portals for financial services businesses to interface with their clients and accelerate the client onboarding process. We deliver more clients, faster, more accurately and with higher client satisfaction than ever before. Interactions throughout the account opening phase are crucial in gaining new clients and keeping them. We allow you to focus on getting your clients onboard as quickly as possible and with the fewest drop-outs, all while having complete visibility over the process and remaining compliant with regulators.

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Link. Digital Client Onboarding. KYC/AML. Regtech.

  1. 1. Link. Digital & Automated Client Onboarding
  2. 2. The Problem Your CompanyCLIENT Link.
  3. 3. The Solution: A turnkey, unified, digital platform Link. Your CompanyLink|F S CLIENT
  4. 4. The challenges we see in 2017 and beyond. ➔ Poor user experience for clients. ➔ System constraints and lack of ongoing monitoring. ➔ Regulatory pressure and uncertainty. ➔ Resource constraints. Staff retention and turnover. ➔ Gaps in processes to collect, verify and update client information. Link.
  5. 5. Client-First approach Faster Onboarding. Faster time to revenue. End to End Digital Solution Manage the Client Lifecycle. Client ←→ Back Office. Ongoing Monitoring and Checks Reduce risk and automate ongoing checks, profile updates. Complete Visibility with Audit Trails Track everything and always have a 360° view of your clients and risk. Always In Line with Regulatory Changes Backed by compliance professionals, we adapt to change so you don't have to. Link. How our solution creates impact and drive results
  6. 6. Link|FS Financial Services TECHNOLOGY COMPLIANCELink|FS
  7. 7. Link. Client Option to allocate sections to others Collection of Information Verify Documents and Information. AML, CTF, PEP Screening (Data) Risk Profiling (Escalate for EDD If required) Archive Data Configure Ongoing Monitoring Link|FS Digital & Automated Workflow Approve/Reject Report / AuditWorld Check, DJ, Lexis Nexis, MemberCheck etc.
  8. 8. Link|FS Deployment Options Software as a Service On-Premise Client Hosted Private Cloud - SSL Data Encryption - Active Threat Protection - Cyber Security Policies - Access logged and Audited - Data backup on client site - The Client always has a copy of their data. Customisable white-label solution
  9. 9. Talk with us Phone: +852 8203 2066 Email: Asia presence, Global reach. Office Address: Level 18A, Heng Shan Centre, 145 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.