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Lesson 3-4B: Persevere When Others Waver

Jeremiah refused to compromise the Lord’s message or forget his calling as God’s prophet. Jeremiah serves as an excellent model for us of persevering faith when the Lord’s enemies attack us with false accusations and persecute us when we speak God’s truth to them. This presentation is the second in the series concerning the perseverance of Jeremiah in his obedience to God

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Lesson 3-4B: Persevere When Others Waver

  1. 1. Unit 3-4 Persevere in Obedience Rhema Bible Study Life Lesson 3-4 Jeremiah 37:11-17; 38:4-6, 14-18
  2. 2. 2 Lesson Purpose • To understand what do I believe about my faith? • To answer how do I know the will of God? 2
  3. 3. Lesson Impact These lessons can lead you to persevere in serving God regardless of the cost and outcome.
  4. 4. Persevere in Obedience Lesson Titles 1. Persevere When Attacked 1. Persevere When Others Waver 2. Persevere Through Obedience to God’s Word
  5. 5. Persevere When Others Waver Lesson 2 Jeremiah 38:4-6
  6. 6. Persevere When Attacked Lesson Scripture: Jeremiah 38:4-6 Conduct an inductive study on these verses.
  7. 7. Explanation What did it say?
  8. 8. 4 Therefore the princes said to the king, “Please, let this man be put to death, for thus he weakens the hands of the men of war who remain in this city, and the hands of all the people, by speaking such words to them. For this man does not seek the welfare of this people, but their harm.” Jeremiah 38:4
  9. 9. 5 Then Zedekiah the king said, “Look, he is in your hand. For the king can do nothing against you.” Jeremiah 38:5
  10. 10. 6 So they took Jeremiah and cast him into the dungeon of Malchiah the king 's son, which was in the court of the prison, and they let Jeremiah down with ropes. And in the dungeon there was no water, but mire. So Jeremiah sank in the mire. Jeremiah 38:6
  11. 11. Inductive Study: What to Look For Verse 4 1. What does the word “princes” mean in this verse? 1. Who is speaking? And to whom are they speaking? 2. What is meant by “speaking such words to them” or “speaking to them this way”? Verse 5 1. Who is speaking and o who are the speaking to? Verse 6 1. Who are the “they”? 2. Where was the dungeon that Jeremiah was placed? 3. What are other names for “dungeon” in other Bible translations? 4. What is “mire”?
  12. 12. Discussion
  13. 13. Topic 1 Discussion 1. Why did the officials of Judah tell the king that Jeremiah deserved to die? 2. Was his message really undermining the moral of the warriors and people of the city (vv. 2-3)? 3. Why didn’t the officials respect Jeremiah as God’s messenger, even though many of his prophecies had already come to pass?
  14. 14. Topic 1 Discussion 4. Did Jeremiah have the right to expect protection and justice from the king? Explain. 5. Why did the king give in to the officials’ demands and hand Jeremiah over to them? 6. Is “don’t waver” the same as “never doubt”? Explain.
  15. 15. Topic 1 Discussion 7. Can we (or should we) expect our government to back us up and support our religious rights and freedoms? Explain. 8. Is our cause lost if our political leaders fail to do this? Why or why not?
  16. 16. Topic 1 Discussion 9. Why is it particularly discouraging when people who should stand firm buckle under pressure?
  17. 17. Application Topic 3
  18. 18. Topic 3 Application 1. Believers must persevere in obedience to God even if it places them in dangerous positions. 1. Commitment to speak the full truth about God and the gospel to the people around you who need to hear. 1. What promises would sustain us should we suffer persecution or even imprisonment?
  19. 19. Next Lesson: Persevere Through Obedience to God’s Word Jer 38:14-18