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Network Analysis Tips & Tricks with Omnipeek


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With a corporate history spanning 25 years, and hundreds of person-years of customer-facing network analysis and troubleshooting experience, we’ve come across more than a few best practices along the way. OmniPeek Enterprise is WildPackets’ flagship product, offering an intuitive, easy-to-use graphical interface that you can use to rapidly analyze and troubleshoot enterprise networks. In this web seminar, our subject matter experts will demonstrate some of their favorite OmniPeek features, including steps on how to quickly analyze, drill down and fix network performance bottlenecks across multiple network segments.

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Network Analysis Tips & Tricks with Omnipeek

  1. 1.© WildPackets, Inc. Show us your tweets! Use today’s webinar hashtag: #wp_tipstricks with any questions, comments, or feedback. Follow us @wildpackets Network Analysis Tips and Tricks
  2. 2. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_tipstricks Administration • All callers are on mute ‒ If you have problems, please let us know via the Chat window • There will be Q&A ‒ Feel free to type a question at any time • Slides and recording will be available ‒ Notification within 48 hours via a follow-up email 2
  3. 3. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_tipstricks Agenda • Introduction • Tips and Tricks ‒ Customizing Your OmniPeek Screen ‒ Expert Dashboards • Baseline Events • Flow Visual Expert • Application Visual Expert • WildPackets Corporate Overview • WildPackets Product Line Overview 3
  4. 4.© WildPackets, Inc. Tips and Tricks Customizing Your OmniPeek Screen
  5. 5.© WildPackets, Inc. Tips and Tricks Expert Dashboard, Baseline Event Thresholds, Visual Expert
  6. 6.© WildPackets, Inc. Tips and Tricks Compass Peer Map Nodes
  7. 7.© WildPackets, Inc. Tips and Tricks How to Approach WLAN Analysis
  8. 8.© WildPackets, Inc. Q&A Show us your tweets! Use today’s webinar hashtag: #wp_tipstricks with any questions, comments, or feedback. Follow us @wildpackets Follow us on SlideShare! Check out today’s slides on SlideShare
  9. 9.© WildPackets, Inc. WildPackets Corporate Overview Optimizing Network and Application Performance
  10. 10. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_tipstricks Corporate Background • Experts in network monitoring, analysis, and troubleshooting ‒ Founded: 1990 / Headquarters: Walnut Creek, CA ‒ Offices throughout the US, EMEA, and APAC • Customers spanning leading edge organizations ‒ Mid-market and enterprise lines of business ‒ Financial, manufacturing, ISPs, major federal agencies, state and local governments, universities ‒ Over 7,000 customers / 60+ countries / 80% of Fortune 1,000 • Award-winning solutions that improve network performance ‒ Internet Telephony, Network Magazine, Network Computing awards ‒ United States Patent 5,787,253 issued July 28, 1998 • “Apparatus and Method of Analyzing Internet Activity”
  11. 11. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_tipstricks Why Our Customers Need Us • VoIP, video, cloud, virtualization, and key business applications are saturating critical network services • Evolving network technologies create discontinuities ‒ 1 Gig  10 Gig  40 Gig  100 Gig networks ‒ Wireless, BYOD initiatives • Users and business can not tolerate network problems for mission critical services Increasing demand for better real-time network visibility, network analytics, network forensics, and DPI
  12. 12. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_tipstricks How We Create Value We provide innovative, industry-leading, real-time network performance management solutions ‒ Easy-to-use, easy-to-learn user interface ‒ Uniquely extensible solutions ‒ Wireless network leadership ‒ Detailed analytics related to network applications ‒ Fastest network traffic capture appliance in its class ‒ Technical superiority at competitive price point WildPackets has continually advanced its solution to meet the needs of its customers
  13. 13. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_tipstricks ROOT-CAUSE ANALYSIS OmniPeek network analyzer performs deep packet inspection and can reconstruct all network activity, including e-mail and IM, as well as analyze VoIP and video traffic quality. UNDERSTAND END-USER PERFORMANCE TimeLine and Omnipliance network recorders monitor and analyze performance across critical network segments, virtual environments, and remote sites. NETWORK HEALTH WatchPoint can manage and report on key device performance and availability across the entire network, from anywhere on the network. GLOBAL DISTRIBUTED DPI Unprecedented Network Visibility
  14. 14. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_tipstricks A History of Innovation 2003 Distributed real-time troubleshooting 2001 First 802.11 wireless analyzer 2005 Combined distributed network and VoIP network analysis 2008 Enterprise-wide Monitoring and Reporting 2009 Innovative dashboard with drill-down for VoIP and video 2012 First wireless network analyzer to support 801.11ac, k, r, u, v, w 2011 • Most complete network KPIs with zero packet loss • First wireless network analyzer to support 802.11n 3-stream wireless 2010 First to achieve 11Gbps sustained capture-to-disk •First wireless network analyzer to capture 3-stream 801.11ac traffic •First multi-gigabit appliance for WLAN analysis 2013 First to achieve 25Gbps sustained capture-to-disk 2014
  15. 15.© WildPackets, Inc. Product Line Overview
  16. 16. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_tipstricks OmniPeek Portable Network Analyzer • 10/100/1000 Ethernet, Wireless, VoIP & Video • VoIP Analysis & Call Playback • Seamless transition from portable to distributed Omnipliance/OmniEngine Distributed Monitoring, Analysis, Forensics • Packet capture & real-time analysis • 24 * 7, Stream-to-Disk with Data Mining • Software only & Turnkey appliances Product Line Overview
  17. 17. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_tipstricks WildPackets Network Analysis Recorder Appliances Price/Performance Solutions for Every Application Omnipliance CX Omnipliance MX Omnipliance TL Less Demanding Networks Remote Offices Datacenter Workhorse Easily Expandable Enterprise, Highly-Utilized Networks 1U rack mountable chassis 3U rack mountable chassis 3U rack mountable chassis 16GB RAM 32GB RAM 64GB RAM 2 PCI-E Slots 4 PCI-E Slots 4 PCI-E Slots 2 Built-in Ethernet Ports 2 Built-in Ethernet Ports 2 Built-in Ethernet Ports 4/8/16TB Storage 16/32TB Storage 32/48/64/96TB Storage Optional OmniStorage: 32/48/64TB Up to 128TB total Storage OmniAdapter 1G/10G MX OmniAdapter 1G/10G MX OmniAdapter 1G/10G/40G 4 Gbps CTD 8 Gbps CTD 16 Gbps CTD with OmniStorage CTD = Capture To Disk
  18. 18. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_tipstricks WildPackets Network Analysis Recorder Appliances Price/Performance Solutions for Every Application Portable OmniplianceWiFi Ruggedized Troubleshooting Access Point to Analyzer (802.11ac ready) Aluminum chassis / 17” LCD 1U rack mountable chassis 24GB RAM 16GB RAM 2 PCI-E Slots 2 PCI-E Slots 2 Built-in Ethernet Ports 2 Built-in Ethernet Ports 6TB Storage 8TB Storage OmniAdapter 1G and 10G Incld’s 1 OmniAdapter 4-port 1G/ MX 6.5Gbps CTD 3.2Gbps CTD CTD = Capture To Disk
  19. 19. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_tipstricks Collaboration or Independent Control network network network network network Building 1 Building 2 Building 3 (San Francisco) (Saint Louis) (Boston)
  20. 20. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_tipstricks Comprehensive Support and Services Standard Support  Maintenance and upgrades  Telephone and email contacts  Knowledgebase  MyPeek Portal Premier Support  24 x 7 x 365  Dedicated escalation manager  2 customer contacts per site  Plug-in reconfiguration assistance WildPackets Training Academy  Public, web-based, and on-site classes  Complete curriculum: technology and product focused  Practical applications and labs covering network analysis, wireless, VoIP monitoring and advanced troubleshooting Consulting and Custom Development Services  Deployment, configuration, and assessment engagement  Systems integration and testing  Application integration, driver, decode, interface development
  21. 21. © WildPackets, Inc.#wp_tipstricks WildPackets Key Differentiators • Visual Expert intelligence with intuitive drill-down ‒ Let computer do the hard work, and return results, real-time ‒ Packet /payload visualization is faster than packet-per-packet diagnostics ‒ Experts and analytics can be memorized and automated • Automated capture analytics ‒ Filters, triggers, scripting, and advanced alarming system combine to provide automated network problem detection 24x7 • Multiple issue network forensics ‒ Can be tracked by one or more people simultaneously ‒ Real-time or post capture • User-extensible platform ‒ Plug-in architecture and SDK
  22. 22.© WildPackets, Inc. Thank You! WildPackets, Inc. 1340 Treat Boulevard, Suite 500 Walnut Creek, CA 94597 (925) 937-3200