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Top 100 HR Influencers To Follow On Twitter

We at WittyParrot have compiled a list of 100 Human Resources and Recruiting Leaders to follow on Twitter in 2014 and 2015. The goal for us was to create a list of people from whom you can learn and grow. Each of these 100 HR Leaders regularly tweet and / or host webinars and events around hot recruiting and talent acquisition topics that you need to know about to engage and source the right talent.

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Top 100 HR Influencers To Follow On Twitter

  1. To p 100 HRInf luencersto Follow On Twier
  2. @aadil Aadil Bandukwala @wittyparrotapp Social Recruiting Consultant at LinkedIn Following
  3. @AbhijitBhaduri Abhijit Bhaduri @wittyparrotapp Author, Chief Learning Officer at Wipro Following
  4. @AchalKhanna1 Achal Khanna @wittyparrotapp CEO - Society For Human Resource Management - India Following
  5. @wittyparrotapp Following @Anand_Pillai Anand Pillai Senior Executive Vice President Chief Learning Officer at Reliance Industries Limited, TEDx Speaker
  6. @andyheadworth Andy Headworth @wittyparrotapp Founder Sirona Consulting, Consultant, Social Recruiting, Author, Blogger Following
  7. @AchalKhanna1 Achal Khanna @wittyparrotapp CEO - SHRM India Following aparna_jain Aparna Jain Integral Master Coach™, Works with Senior Leaders, Partridge Publishing
  8. @kanter Beth Kanter @wittyparrotapp Trainer and Consultant at BethKanter Organization, Co-Author at The Networked Nonprofit Following
  9. @BillBoorman Bill Boorman @wittyparrotapp Founder of Recruiting Product Advice Blogger, Keynote Speaker Following
  10. @billkutik Bill Kutik @wittyparrotapp Industry Analyst, HR Tech Conference Its LinkedIn Group, Tech Columnist HRE Following
  11. @bryanchaney Bryan Chaney @wittyparrotapp Employer Brand, Recruitment Marketing Talent Sourcing, Social Speaker Following
  12. @chinaGorman China Gorman @wittyparrotapp HR Advisor, Keynote speaker Following
  13. @Fishdogs Craig Fisher @wittyparrotapp CEO at TalentNet, Social Recruiting, Sales Strategy, LinkedIn Training, Speaker, Author Following
  14. @Darryl Dioso Darryl Dioso @wittyparrotapp Recruiter at Resource Management Solutions Group, SALES Recruitment, I.T. Staffing Following
  15. @davesumnersmith Dave Sumner Smith @wittyparrotapp CEO of Next Dimension Media - the World’s Biggest Independent Operator of LinkedIn Groups Following
  16. @dave_Ulrich Dave Ulrich @wittyparrotapp University Professor, Author, Speaker, Management Coach, Management Consultant Following
  17. @DawnRasmussen Dawn Rasmussen @wittyparrotapp Author, Forget Job Security: Build Your Marketability, Certified Advanced Resume Writer Following
  18. @AvidCareerist Donna Svei @wittyparrotapp Executive Resume, LinkedIn Profile Writer Following
  19. @DorothyDalton Dorothy Dalton @wittyparrotapp International Talent Management Strategist, Career Transition Coach, Co-Founder of 3PlusInt Following
  20. @dougshaw1 Doug Shaw @wittyparrotapp Founder, CEO of What Goes Around Following
  21. @ewmonster Eric Winegardner @wittyparrotapp VP - Client Adoption at Monster Worldwide, Fortune 500 HR Following
  22. @Ester_Matters Ester Martinez @wittyparrotapp Founder Editor of People Matters Magazine at People Matters Following
  23. @GautamGhosh Gautam Gosh @wittyparrotapp Member of the HR Team at Philips India, HR Consultant Following
  24. @GerryCrispin Gerry Crispin @wittyparrotapp Co-Founder CareerXroads Colloquium, Peer-to-Peer Conversations about Hiring Practices Following
  25. @GlenCathey Glen Cathey @wittyparrotapp Recruiting / Sourcing Leader Information Retrieval Expert Following
  26. @greg_savage Greg Savage @wittyparrotapp Recruitment Founder of Recruitment Solutions at Fire Brand Talent People2People Following
  27. @JoyAndLife Gurprriet Siingh @wittyparrotapp Coaching, Leadership India-head, VP of Recruiting Diversity, HR Recruiter Following
  28. @HarlinaSodhi Harlina Sodhi @wittyparrotapp SVP - Head Employee Engagement, Communication, Diversity, Transformation and Change Management Following
  29. @eExecutives Harry Urschel @wittyparrotapp Minneapolis Recruiting Practice Leader for Baker Tilly, Amateur Job Hunting Coach, Online Networker Following
  30. @braingain Irina Shamaeva @wittyparrotapp Master People Sourcer, Brain Gain Recruiter, LinkedIn Data Miner Following
  31. @JacobShriar Jacob Shriar @wittyparrotapp Growth Manager at Office Vibe Following
  32. @jjbuss Jason Buss @wittyparrotapp VP of Recruiting Diversity, HR Recruiter Following
  33. @JasonLauritsen Jason Lauritsen @wittyparrotapp Talent Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Author Following
  34. @jasonaverbook Jason Averbook @wittyparrotapp Chief Business Innovation Officer at Appirio, Thought Leader, Author Following
  35. @Jrkuhns Jay Kuhns @wittyparrotapp HR VP - Leading HealthcareHR Following
  36. @JenniferMcClure Jennifer McClure @wittyparrotapp Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach Following
  37. @JennyDeVaughn Jenny DeVaughn @wittyparrotapp Pay-it-forward Global Sr. Director of Employment Branding Sourcing at ADP Following
  38. @imjeremyR Jeremy Roberts @wittyparrotapp Recruiter, Sourcer turned Blog Editor, Conference Organizer Following
  39. @jerometernynck Jerome Ternynck @wittyparrotapp Founder CEO of Smart Recruiters Following
  40. @joegerstandt Joe Gerstandt @wittyparrotapp Diversity Inclusion Speaker, Author and Advisor Following
  41. @JohnSumser John Sumser @wittyparrotapp Co-Founder at Master Class in HCM, Principal Analyst at HRxAnalysts, Editor: HRExaminer at Two Color Hat Following
  42. @Josh_Bersin Josh Bersin @wittyparrotapp Corporate Talent, HR, Learning Analyst Founder of Bersin by Deloitte Following
  43. @jtodonnell J. T. O’Donnell @wittyparrotapp CEO Founder of CAREEREALISM Media Author, Speaker, Blogger Following
  44. @KanishaRaina Kanisha Raina @wittyparrotapp Global Citizen, IBMer, HR Practitioner Following
  45. @KarenBeaman Karen Beaman @wittyparrotapp CEO / Founder of Jeitosa Group International Leading Global HR Consultancy Following
  46. @_Kavi Kavi @wittyparrotapp Organizational Learning, Enterprise Collaboration Blogger Following
  47. @Khalidraza9 Khalid Raza @wittyparrotapp Leading Social HR at IBM Following
  48. @KevinWMartin Kevin Martin @wittyparrotapp Chief Research Marketing Officer of The Institute for Corporate Productivity Following
  49. @kwheeler Kevin Wheeler @wittyparrotapp Public Speaker, Management Consultant, Writer, HR Related Technologies Following
  50. @kevinWGrossman Kevin W. Grossman @wittyparrotapp HCS Certified, Director at People Fluent, TChat Co-Founder Writer Following
  51. @kushagragarwal Kushagr Agarwal @wittyparrotapp Principal Partner KNR Global, Social Media Marketer, Social Talent Hunter Following
  52. @thelance Lance Haun @wittyparrotapp Practice Leader for the Starr Conspiracy, Recovering HR / Recruiting Pro Following
  53. @lruettimann Laurie Ruettimann @wittyparrotapp Former Human Resources Leader Turned Influential Speaker, Writer B2B Marketing Strategist Following
  54. @lisarosendahl Lisa Rosendahl @wittyparrotapp Leader, Writer, Trusted Advisor Co-Founder - Founding Editor Following
  55. @lisarowan Lisa Rowan @wittyparrotapp Vice President of HR Talent Research at IDC Following
  56. @humanworkplace Liz Ryan @wittyparrotapp CEO Founder of Human Workplace, Former Fortune 500 HR SVP Following
  57. @LoriDernavich Lori Dernavich @wittyparrotapp Growth Stage Leadership Advisor Following
  58. @lyndagratton Lynda Gratton @wittyparrotapp Teacher Consultant across the World on Human Resource Strategy Following
  59. @_mansoor1 Mansoor Hussain @wittyparrotapp General Manager Talent Acquisition at Philips Following
  60. @HRMargo Margo Rose @wittyparrotapp Social Media Strategy, Social Media Metrics Community Development - Recruiter Following
  61. @stelzner Mark Stelzner @wittyparrotapp Leading HR Consultant Strategic Advisor Following
  62. @MRGottschalk Marla Gottschalk @wittyparrotapp Director, Thought Leadership, Kilberry Leadership Advisors, LinkedIn Influencer Advisor at Mentor Cloud Following
  63. @MeghanMBiro Meghan M. Biro @wittyparrotapp CEO of Talent Culture Top Ranked HR Expert Following
  64. @HrRemix Melissa Fairman @wittyparrotapp HR Pro, Blogger Writer Following
  65. @MikeVanDervort Michael VanDervort @wittyparrotapp Following HR Practitioner, Executive Director of CUE Inc, Speaker and Writer on HR
  66. @mickychopra Micky Chopra @wittyparrotapp Employee Advocacy, HR Evangelism Social Media Enthusiast Following
  67. @MikeHaberman Mike Haberman @wittyparrotapp Human Resources Consultant, Blogger of HR Observations, Speaker Advisor Following
  68. @milesj Miles Jennings @wittyparrotapp Founder CEO of Recruiter Following
  69. @mm Morgan Missen @wittyparrotapp Ex Head of Talent at FourSquare, Spent Years at Google, Twitter Self-Parody Account Following
  70. @InFullBloomUS Naomi Bloom @wittyparrotapp Strategic Advisor, Market Influencer, Blogger Speaker Following
  71. @neilmorrison Neil Morrison @wittyparrotapp Group HR Director - UK International Companies at Penguin Random House UK Following
  72. @nidhisand Nidhi Sand @wittyparrotapp LD Professional at Wipro CHRD, Social Media Tech Enthusiast Following
  73. @mafoikprajan Pandiarajan K @wittyparrotapp Founder of MAFOI, HR Professional Entrepreneur Following
  74. @IncentIntel Paul Hebert @wittyparrotapp Speaker, Writer, Self-appointed Pundit on Recognition Incentives Following
  75. @Ray_anne Rayanne @wittyparrotapp CMO at Apploi Moderator for the Art of Recruiting Following
  76. @RobinSchooling Robin Schooling @wittyparrotapp Managing Director of Silver Zebras, HR Strategist, Speaker HR Blogger Following
  77. @shally Shally Steckerl @wittyparrotapp President - Sourcing Institute, Helping Fortune 500 Brands Efficiently Find Unfindable Talent Following
  78. @iSharad Sharad Verma @wittyparrotapp Blogger at, Senior Director of SunGard HR Professional Following
  79. @sharlyn_lauby Sharlyn Lauby @wittyparrotapp Author at HR Bartender Blog, Leadership / Management Training Consulting at ITM Group Following
  80. @shweta_hr Shweta @wittyparrotapp Talent Acquisition, Social Recruiting Employer Branding Following
  81. @snehadas Sneha Khasgiwale @wittyparrotapp HR, TISS, InOpen Technologies, Teach for India Alumna Following
  82. @StacyZapar Stacy Donovan Zapar @wittyparrotapp Recruiting Strategist, Consultant, Advisor, Social Recruiting, Employer Branding Sourcing at Zappos Following
  83. @SteveBoese Steve Boese @wittyparrotapp HR Technology Conference Co-Chair, Host of the HR Happy Hour Show HR Executive Magazine Columnist Following
  84. @Steveugrs Steve Simpson @wittyparrotapp International Speaker, Consultant Author on Corporate Culture Following
  85. @StevenRothberg Steven Rothberg @wittyparrotapp President, College Recruiter Niche Job Board, Keynote Speaker Following
  86. @suemeisinger Sue Meisinger @wittyparrotapp Columnist, Speaker, Former CEO of SHRM HR Professionals Following
  87. @susanavello Susan Avello @wittyparrotapp Strategic Recruitment Outsourcing, HR Blogger at HR Virtual Cafe Following
  88. @Simplysush Sushma Sonty @wittyparrotapp Free Thinker, HR Professional Talent Scouter Following
  89. @RealEvilHRLady Suzanne Lucas @wittyparrotapp Contributing Writer on HR at Inc. Magazine CBS Interactive Following
  90. @tnvora Tanmay Vora @wittyparrotapp IT Business Leader, Blogger / Author Excellence Evangelist Following
  91. @TimJGardner Tim Gardner @wittyparrotapp Human Resources Professional with Strong Manufacturing, Organization Design experience HR Blogger at The HR Introvert Following
  92. @Timsackett Tim Sackett @wittyparrotapp Human Resource Pro Fistful of Talent Blogger Following
  93. @Trinawardell Trina Wardell @wittyparrotapp Recruiting Manager at Einstein’s Following
  94. @TrishMcFarlane Trish McFarlane @wittyparrotapp VP of HR Practice / Principal Analyst Brandon Hall Group, Speaker Co-Founder of HRevolution Following
  95. @raotv T.V Rao @wittyparrotapp Author, Researcher, Consultant Founder National HRD Network Professor Following
  96. @vivekparanjpe Vivek Paranjpe @wittyparrotapp Expert Advisor on Strategic HR Matters HR Blogger Following
  97. @vvbellur Vvbellur @wittyparrotapp Brand Engagement, Social Media Advisor India Lead at Dell Following
  98. @williamtincup William Tincup @wittyparrotapp HR Vendor, Consultant, MBA, SPHR, Speaker, Blogger HR Software User Acceptance / User Adoption Expert Following
  99. @willstaney Will Staney @wittyparrotapp Head Talent Warrior at Glassdoor, Talent Sourcing Employer Branding Following
  100. @IndianYash Yash Mahadik @wittyparrotapp Global Head of HR for Business Transformation, IT Chief Learning Officer Philips, Blogger Following
  101. @YvetteCameron Yvette Cameron @wittyparrotapp Research Director, HCM Technologies at Gartner, Founder of NextGen Insights, Blogger, Speaker Following
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We at WittyParrot have compiled a list of 100 Human Resources and Recruiting Leaders to follow on Twitter in 2014 and 2015. The goal for us was to create a list of people from whom you can learn and grow. Each of these 100 HR Leaders regularly tweet and / or host webinars and events around hot recruiting and talent acquisition topics that you need to know about to engage and source the right talent.


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