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WittyParrot for Social Selling - Kurt Shaver Webinar Oct 8, 2015

Here are the slides from WittyParrot, focused on the use case for Social Selling, particularly LinkedIn and how we can save Sales a lot of time and effort by making it easy to reuse content for their social selling efforts.

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WittyParrot for Social Selling - Kurt Shaver Webinar Oct 8, 2015

  1. 1. Content Productivity Platform amplify speed, consistency & control of your communications
  2. 2. Content is stored all over the place and stuck in documents. Intranets, shared drives, ‘box drops,’ websites, portals, inboxes, email archives… Content is buried, unusable, and simply wasted. TheChallengeforContent
  3. 3. JonathanSmithExecutiveSummary WittyParrot provides a Content Productivity Solution that helps save time and accelerate sales. WhatisWittyParrot? It acts as a ‘multi-purpose productivity tool’ to amplify the speed, consistency and control of communications with prospects and customers – for individuals and teams.
  4. 4. Differentiator:DragandDrop Drag and Drop – ease of use Drag content from WittyParrot and drop it into any destination that supports text or rich text. Any Target Application Portals, Intranets, Wiki, Box Drops (documents)
  5. 5. Differentiator:WittyWidget Easy To Use – Side Bar Widget Cloud-based SaaS Solution • Always on the desktop • Online or offline • Links to enterprise content • Surface multiple existing content stores • Integration to, Oracle SalesCloud, ServiceNow, or other platforms • Powerful search and filters • PC, Mac, Mobile, web-accessible • Secure/Encryption
  6. 6. Re-use Content to Save Time Access frequently-used content quickly (and share across a team) Provide ‘personalizable’ templates and rich text content excerpts, perfect for email or InMail messaging. Help sales assemble the best message for the particular situation with easy-to-use building blocks of content. Here is one example – interview confirmation. Play Video. Benefits
  7. 7. Make Social Easy for Sales Quality content at their fingertips to use in their own posts and outreach Provide hyperlinks, images, photos, videos, hashtags, articles, etc. for sales to use in their own personalized messaging and posting, while staying on message. Play video. Benefits
  8. 8. JonathanSmithExecutiveSummary Select Customers Customer feedback ProvenSolution,UsersEmbraceit
  9. 9. OffertoRegistrants • Kurt’s social selling templates pre-loaded • WittyParrot’s email templates pre-loaded • Widget for Macbooks or PCs • (24-48 hr turnaround) Type YES in the chat window or email OFFER: Kurt’s templates and WittyParrot – free 30 day trial.