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Wolfgang Essentials 2016 - The Cross-Channel Gospel Choir


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On June 10th 2016, Wolfgang Digital held their annual marketing event in The Foundry, at Google in Dublin. Alan Coleman, CEO of Wolfgang, spoke about Cross Channel Marketing during part one of the event. These are his slides.

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Wolfgang Essentials 2016 - The Cross-Channel Gospel Choir

  1. 1. Don’t worrywe’llsort yer titleslide out
  2. 2. Mozcon2015
  3. 3. “Audiences Are Valuable BrandAssets”
  4. 4. June25th 2015
  5. 5. Facebook-> YouTube-> Google
  6. 6. Facebook-> YouTube-> Google ROAS 1:1 ROAS 11:1 ROAS 51:1
  7. 7. Customers-> Repeat
  8. 8. Customer-> Advocate
  9. 9. Customer-> Advocate
  10. 10. “Audiences Are Valuable BrandAssets”
  11. 11. CarefullyCrafted Cross-Channel Conversations
  12. 12. Mozcon
  13. 13. Cookie Crumbles
  14. 14. Customer Match Launched