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Social Media and Education

Social Media is now the most important part of education. It makes individuals connected and updated. Some of the schools and colleges even started out their online community to stay connected with their students globally.
This presentation explains some of the facts that are related to social media and education; it also explains the benefits and use of social media in education.
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Social Media and Education

  1. 1. Does Social media Have a negative Impact on Student’s Education? I don’t think so, In fact it accelerates their learning and make them stay updated
  2. 2. Use of Social Media in Learning Most schools have created online communities and ask their students to join that so that they know about the recent happening
  3. 3. Productive Social Networking Sites Facebook Twitter Instagram Linkendin Google Plus
  4. 4. What Tools are Used? Status Sharing Pictures Sharing Blogs Wikis Event Pages
  5. 5. Findings Around 80% educators believe that social media has increased the teacher students interactions through mobile learning and E-Learning.
  6. 6. Created by Fortville High School