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Webinar: Myths, Mistakes and Management of WooCommerce at Scale


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Scaling your eCommerce site is important and necessary as you begin to gain traction. Gain insights from those who have learned the hard way in what to — and what not to — do in eCommerce in general.

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Webinar: Myths, Mistakes and Management of WooCommerce at Scale

  1. 1. Myths, Mistakes and Management of WooCommerce at Scale April 13th, 2016 #wpewebinar
  2. 2. Please use the “Questions” pane throughout the webinar Slides and recording will be made available shortly after the webinar #wpewebinar Ask Questions as We Go
  3. 3. What We’ll Discuss ❖ eCommerce/WooCommerce by the numbers ❖ Myths associated with scaling WooCommerce ❖ Common mistakes to avoid ❖ How to pick a development partner ❖ How to pick a hosting partner #wpewebinar
  4. 4. Chris Lema CTO and Chief Strategist Crowd Favorite @chrislema ❖ LOVES cigars (has a dropcam to view his humidor anytime, from anywhere!) ❖ Has a quilt made of WP Engine T-shirts Introducing our Speakers Jason Jaynes VP, Product WP Engine @jasoncjaynes ❖ Built first WordPress website in 2008 ❖ Co-founded Apptive in 2011 to create native eCommerce apps ❖ Joined WP Engine in June 2015 #wpewebinar
  5. 5. eCommerce is Growing Source: US Commerce Department Web Sales (Billions $)
  6. 6. WooCommerce is Growing, too Sources: WooCommerce and BuiltWith October 2, 2015 April 6, 2016
  7. 7. We are feeling the Growth at WP Engine 21% 12% WP Engine accounts with 1+ website using WooCommerce WP Engine WordPress sites running WooCommerce
  8. 8. Key Takeaways from Hosting Large # of WooCommerce Sites 1. Support matters...a LOT! 2. Not all themes are created equal 3. They are transients for a reason 4. Bare metal isn’t the silver bullet
  9. 9. Q&A Feel free to ask away in the “Questions” pane! Want to find out if WP Engine is right for your eCommerce site? ● Call +1-512-827-3500, or ● Chat with us #wpewebinar
  10. 10. Resources #wpewebinar ❖eBook: An Executive’s Guide to Scaling WooCommerce ❖Ecommerce on WordPress: A Getting Started Guide ❖11 Ecommerce Tips to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment ❖Ecommerce KPIs: Seven Ways to Measure Scalability and Success