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How the Project Died


Published on - The project was found dead. Police are looking for suspects and interviewing eyewitnesses to this tragic and very public case. Why did the project die? Who killed it? What led to its demise? Was it preventable? So many questions are unanswered. But we try to unravel them for you here. The slideshare contains a Youtube video embed. Watch it to discover the grisly details leading to the death of the project.

Published in: Business

How the Project Died

  1. 1. How the Project Died The Case Video on The Dead Project (A.K.A. How to Prevent Future Crimes in Project Management)
  2. 2. If you see the signs, say something. Don’t let your projects die. Photo by Tony Webster on Flickr. Some rights reserved.
  3. 3. CLICK HERE to read the full details of this case on the blog
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