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Teaching SEO To Internal Teams: Don't Be Ridiculous


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Teaching SEO to internal teams can be ridiculous. Learn some common-sense rules, and a few tools, to make it easier and more effective.

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Teaching SEO To Internal Teams: Don't Be Ridiculous

  1. DON’T BE RIDICULOUSTEACHING SEO TO NON-SEOs* *When they couldn’t care less By Ian Lurie For Seattle Search Network
  2. @IanLurie Me Founder/Former CEO of Portent Nerd/programmer/writer/gamer Love marketing, SEO, cycling, Dungeons & Dragons
  3. @IanLurie Nowaconsultant Livingaglamorouslifeofleisure OFFICE & CRAFT AREA BIKE SHOP GYM
  4. @IanLurie The Problem
  5. @IanLurie Theywantinter-teamSEOtraining. Sweet!Thisismybigchance!!!!
  6. @IanLurie HowIlookwhenIwalkintothe conferenceroom. I’m here to teach you the beautiful poetry that is SEO.
  7. @IanLurie HowIstart. Business case available resources opportunity gap etc. etc. etc.
  8. @IanLurie HowIend. Title tags, descriptions, structured data, NLP, machine learning, links, architecture
  9. @IanLurie Whattheyhear. cost effort complexity annoyance snake oil blah blah blah blah
  10. @IanLurie Iusedthesametrainingforevery team.Theyrespondedthesameway.
  11. @IanLurie Hey thanks that was great. We’ll get right on it.* *Whatever the hell “it” is…
  12. @IanLurie Ihadanepiphany.Expectingthe entirecompanytoattendtraining, writeitdownandcommitto executionthen&thereisridiculous.
  13. @IanLurie Training Is Marketing
  14. @IanLurie Trainingismarketing I should treat training the same way i treat all other content.
  15. @IanLurie Audienceawareness,greatcontent, andsmartdeliverywillwintheday Yes, that’s an Oxford comma. Phbbbt.
  16. @IanLurie Setting Expectations
  17. People you invite.
  18. People who attend
  19. The converts
  20. @IanLurie Trainingismarketing. Theseconvertsareyourmarketingteam.
  21. @IanLurie Target The Audience
  22. @IanLurie Ialwaysdeliveredthesame trainingtoeveryteam. that’s ridiculous.
  23. @IanLurie Createcontentthattargets eachaudience. that makes sense.
  24. @IanLurie Nerdosity: Howdeepyoudrillinto searchenginesandtechnology Examples: What’sright,what’swrong, bestpractices Data: Performance,opportunitygap, businessimpact
  25. @IanLurie Other marketers andcreative nerds wanttoknowhowSEO: Worksatahighlevel Canhelpthemgetresults Mayimpacttheirday-to-day Snappy dressers. Know how to party. Deep thinkers. Remember everything.
  26. @IanLurie Nerdosity Examples Data
  27. @IanLurie “Titletagsstillmatteralot.” “Don’tmessupyourcopy.Optimize afteryouwriteit.” “Here’showthathubyoubuilthelped usrank!” “Yes,Iknowwesellathleticfootwear. Pleasecallthemrunningshoes.” Snappy dressers. Know how to party. Deep thinkers. Remember everything.
  28. @IanLurie Developers, specialists, analysts andtechnicians wanttohowSEO: Really,trulyworks Mayimpacttheirday-to-day Interactswithtechnology Clever. Good with tools. Don’t get out much.
  29. @IanLurie Nerdosity Examples Data
  30. @IanLurie “Googlebotworkslikethis.” “Movingtosubfoldersboostedour traffic75%!” “Javascriptsucks,butyoucanmitigate thesuckagebyusingprerendering. Herearethreeexamples.” Clever. Good with tools. Don’t get out much.
  31. @IanLurie Management wantstoknowhow: SEOcangrowthebusiness Howthecompetitionisdoing Howmuchitwillcost Always planning for the future. Stressed out. Organized. Careful.
  32. @IanLurie Nerdosity Examples Data
  33. @IanLurie “Ourshareofvoiceisonly10%.Ifwecan getto12%,we’llgain10,000visitors.” “Lastyear,theteammadethisone changeandincreasedshareofvoice 10%.” Ourcompetitorshave20%shareof voiceforthesephrases. Clever. Good with tools. Don’t get out much.
  34. @IanLurie Never,ever,everbelievethis. Findoutwhat“advanced”means. we want the advanced course.
  35. @IanLurie Duringlivetraining,alwayshaveasafeword:“Interesting”
  36. @IanLurie Deliver All The Time
  37. @IanLurie Ialwaysassumedeveryonecould attendatrainingsession,thatthey’re payingattention,andthatthey’ll rememberthatoneemailIsent. that’s ridiculous.
  38. @IanLurie Ensurepeoplecanalwaysaccess andconsumeyourcontent. Maybe i have another meeting. Or my cat gets angry at the dog and pees everywhere so i get distracted.
  39. Too large to fit in microwave.
  40. @IanLurie Ilovetolookatfancy-schmancy learningmanagementsystems. that’s ridiculous.
  41. @IanLurie Nomatterwhattoolyou choose,halftheorganizationwill hateit. So use what you have.
  42. @IanLurie Write + Organize + Ping
  43. @IanLurie Video/Doc/Deck/Etc. + Google Docs + Email
  44. @IanLurie Simple list of links Note updates Always solicit questions I like to organize by audience Ping via email Send regularly
  45. @IanLurie Keep it simple Note updates Use headings Organize by audience Build a library!
  46. @IanLurie NoallowedtouseGoogleDocs? Emailalisteveryweek.Usethe companyknowledgebase.Use theticketingsystem… get creative.
  47. @IanLurie Q&A?Getfancywithan integratedSlackknowledge baselikeTettra
  48. @IanLurie Everythingendsupina document!
  49. @IanLurie Hey,that’ssomeone else’scontent?!!!! Follow the rules and it’s perfectly OK.
  50. @IanLurie Nameversions.
  51. @IanLurie Organizeit (Anystoragewilldo)
  52. @IanLurie Create Quality Content
  53. @IanLurie Ialwaystriedtocreategorgeous, award-winningtrainingcontent. that’s ridiculous.
  54. @IanLurie Qualitymeanscomplete,usable, andup-to-date. that makes sense.
  55. @IanLurie Please,Ibegyou… No new tools.
  56. @IanLurie Usewhatyouhave. pdfs. Google Docs. Word Docs. Whatever.
  57. @IanLurie Word/GoogleDocsarefine
  58. @IanLurie HTMLisgreat.
  59. @IanLurie Ifyouuseslides,thoroughlyannotate orincludeanotesview.
  60. @IanLurie Howaboutplaintext? UseMarkdown. Plain text? Use Markdown and convert to PDF, Google Doc, Word Doc...
  61. @IanLurie Recordin-persontraining! (Video’seasy,butnotrequired)
  62. @IanLurie Recordeverything! Screencaptureisreallyeasy Screencapture is a cinch. I use Screenflow.
  63. @IanLurie Repurposevideo! Transcribe,edit,publishwithimages (Moz’sWhiteboardFridayisthegoldstandard)
  64. @IanLurie TryZapier+Trint+Zoomtoautomatetheprocess.
  65. @IanLurie Randompetpeeve: Pleaselearntocreate andannotatescreen capturesonaRetinaor HiDPIdisplay. Snagitisagreattool.
  66. @IanLurie Todoallthis,you’dneed approximately30hours/week. that’s ridiculous.
  67. @IanLurie Startwiththesimplestformat. that makes sense.
  68. @IanLurie Alwaysanswer. Better an ugly answer than no answer at all.
  69. @IanLurie Createsmallchunks. No matter how long the session or how detailed the walkthru, break it up into lots of separate, connected, smaller chunks of information. It’s easier to edit and consume.
  70. @IanLurie Alwaysturnanswers intocontent.
  71. @IanLurie Repurposethebiggesttitles. that makes sense.
  72. @IanLurie Oh yeah: Use analytics.
  73. @IanLurie Sharepoint,GoogleDocs, emailopens…
  74. @IanLurie Who has time?!
  75. @IanLurie Ialwaystriedtoexecute100%of theserecommendations. that’s ridiculous.
  76. @IanLurie Set Priorities 1. Complete 2. AllTheTime 3. Beautiful that makes sense.
  77. @IanLurie Treattrainingasmarketing.
  78. @IanLurie Lookforconverts.
  79. @IanLurie Targettheaudience.
  80. @IanLurie Deliverallthetime.
  81. @IanLurie Createqualitycontent.
  82. Nice vest Slides: Ian Lurie @ianlurie