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Promote Your API Brand and Extend Your API Reach


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With hundreds to thousands of API options, how you promote and brand your API will influence discover, adoption, and API success.  An API branding strategy must consider engagement across multiple communities, integration with identity sources, and implementing flexible API visibility and monetization policies.   The API economy is progressing towards providing API developers the ability to share APIs across multiple portals, create branded API community sites, and apply varying policies across internal organization consumers or external third party developers

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Promote Your API Brand and Extend Your API Reach

  1. 1. Promote Your API Brand Extend Your API Reach Chris Haddad @cobiacomm on Twitter Read more about API Branding at
  2. 2. Don’t be the lonely API ! { Insert-Picture-of-Lonely-Guy }
  3. 3. { Insert-Your-Picture-Here } Be the Popular API { Insert-Your-Friend-Pictures-Here }
  4. 4. 9 Thousand + APIS 800 Thousand + Apple Apps
  5. 5. Millions of Weblog Endpoints Billions of Device Endpoints Countless Opportunity and Choice
  6. 6. Your API Endpoint will be One in Billions
  7. 7. How will Your API stand out from the crowd?
  8. 8. Web API Branding
  9. 9. Brands Enhance Reach and Revenue API brands build mindshare API adoption builds community Mindshare increases visibility Evaluation triggers collaboration and API adoption Visibility fosters discovery and evaluation
  10. 10. What is a brand? 30% Purpose 15% Logic 55% Emotion
  11. 11. Brand = Reputation and Perception • Perception – Commodity versus exclusivity – Ease of use – Value • Reputation – Delivering required capabilities and data – API quality and warranty – Available support channel and customer service
  12. 12. Build a Brand Strategy • Define Brand Message – Identity target audience – Specify perception targets • Build Brand Awareness – Communication and promotion – Visible outreach actions • Brand Nurturing – Partnerships – Community relations – Education • Brand Value – Compare adoption, retention, and revenue growth – Market interest and third-party coverage
  13. 13. Tailor Brand Presentation for Audience
  14. 14. Brand Strategy Considerations • • • • Engagement across multiple communities Integration with multiple identity sources API visibility Monetization policies
  15. 15. Define your API Brand • Value – Message elements and attributes – API aggregation, orchestration – Service tiers and associated cost • Perception and Reputation – – – – Documentation, SDK and samples Partners and case studies Terms of Service Service Level Agreement • Retention – Integration with other APIs – Logo usage policies
  16. 16. Branding - Technical Guidelines • Promote API Brand Identity • Enforce API Usage Limitations • Community Nurturing
  17. 17. • • • • • Choose an API Brand Platform Fully customizable look and feel Multiple Storefronts for diverse communities Multiple publisher groups Flexible Service Level Tiers Flexible monetization engine
  18. 18. @cobiacomm on Twitter Read more about API Branding at