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Classification of brands examples


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examples of brands in the Philippines and others

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Classification of brands examples

  1. 1. Example of Brands Classification of Brands 1. According to ownership A. Manufacturer's Brand Ex. Magnolia Ice Cream B. Distributor's or middlemen's brand Ex. Milanos shoes by SM
  2. 2. 2. According to extent of geographic coverage A. National Brand Ex. Apple B. Private brand Ex. Starbucks Coffee 3. According to use by owner of brand A. Primary Brand Ex. Samsung
  3. 3. B. Secondary Brand Ex. China beauty products 4. According to the number of products name brands A. Individual or separate brand Ex. Vaseline by Unilever for its hair, face and skin care products B. Family or blanket brand Ex. Del Monte is a brand of processed foods and beverages primarily canned vegetables, fruit and tomato products.