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Your first website in under a minute with Dancer


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Learn how to write your first website using Perl and Dancer in under a minute!

This is a lightning talk given at a Tel Aviv Perl Mongers ( group meeting.

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Your first website in under a minute with Dancer

  1. 1. Lets create a website!
  2. 2. Lets find an interesting module● Go to CPAN● Search for something funny in Text::● We found Text::UpsideDown● It turns text upside down!● OMGZ0x0ztrzzzz11!
  3. 3. Text::UpsideDown use Text::UpsideDown; my $text   = “Hello world!”; my $updown = upside_down($text);● Okay, thats pretty simple
  4. 4. Installing Dancer
  5. 5. Installing Dancer
  6. 6. Creating the skeleton● Dancer installs an app called “dancer”● Run it to create a directory structure● Pretty default design for free!
  7. 7. Adding code● Edit main path in lib/ # default path get / => sub {   # code to run when someone goes   # to the main page };
  8. 8. Adding code● Suppose we get user text with a parameter● Use Dancers “params” to reach it● If its called “text”, all we have to do is... my $text = params­>{text};● Then to turn it upside down... my $updown = upside_down($text);
  9. 9. What do we have so far?● Someone reaches main page● We get text and turn it upside down use Text::UpsideDown; get / => sub {     my $text   = params­>{text};     my $updown = upside_down($text);     ... };
  10. 10. Rendering it● Render template “view/”● Send it the original text and the upside down template index => {     text       => $text,     upsidedown => $updown, };
  11. 11. Putting it all togetheruse Text::UpsideDown;get / => sub {  my $text = params­>{text};  my $updown = upside_down($text);  template index => {    text       => $text,    upsidedown => $updown,  };};
  12. 12. Now the template● Edit file● Add a form to send text● Add a text input to write the text● Display the upside down text● Provide a button to submit more text● …● Profit!
  13. 13. Creating a form<form method=”post”> <!-- stuff goes here --></form>
  14. 14. Adding a text input box<form method=”post”><input type=”text” name=”text” value=”<% text | html %>” /></form>
  15. 15. Adding upside down text<form method=”post”><input type=”text” name=”text” value=”<% text | html %>” /><code><% upsidedown | html %></code></form>
  16. 16. Add button to submit form<form method=”post”><input type=”text” name=”text” value=”<% text | html %>” /><code><% upsidedown | html %></code><input type=”submit” value=”Upside Down!” /></form>
  17. 17. Hit it!
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Dancer available @ Credit: Marco Fontani (