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6 Reasons You Should Start Using Kotlin For Android App Development

In 2019, Google revealed Kotlin is the most chosen language for Android app development. If you're also considering utilizing Kotlin for your next project, this article outlines the top 6 reasons why you should start using Kotlin.

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6 Reasons You Should Start Using Kotlin For Android App Development

  1. 1. 6 Reasons You Should Start Using Kotlin For Android App Development As we set foot in 2021, we can feel the advancements in technologies used for Android app development. Kotlin is another new programming language that is gaining popularity. It has attracted the interest of many developers in the past few years. In 2021, it continues to be the choice of many. But are you curious about what makes this language interesting and how it can prove beneficial for your business? Read ahead to understand why Kotlin takes the crown among other Android app development languages. What is Kotlin? Kotlin is a programming language designed to run on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). It can, hence, can be useful anywhere Java is used today. Kotlin is developed by JetBrains. They are striving to bring Kotlin to the embedded systems and iOS to make it a one-stop solution. The language is popular among developers because of its clean language design and effective features. Here are 6 benefits of using Kotlin when you plan to build an android app for your business: ➢ Kotlin is more concise than Java When it comes to solving problems with fewer lines of code, Kotlin is far more concise than Java. This increases code maintainability and readability. So, the developers can read, write and change code with fewer bugs and crashes on the UX side. Some of Kotlin's peculiarities that make its code concise are:
  2. 2. • Data classes • Smart casts • Type interface • Properties ➢ Safer Code Now, since we have settled that Kotlin is more concise, it also means it has clear code is inherently a safer code. As it is compact, it allows fewer errors and it helps prevent common programming mistakes, turning into: • Fewer crashes • A decreased number of system failures ➢ Smarter Compiler Combining a better compiler has been one of Kotlin's development team's chief objectives when they designed this programming language. Here are some of the essential features of the compiler in Kotlin: • Discovers errors at compile time instead of runtime, leveraging the “fail-fast” system • Performs several checks, decreasing the runtime failures and bugs in the code ➢ Boosts Your Productivity The major benefit of Kotlin is that it increases developer productivity. Another one of the key advantages of Kotlin over Java is that it has been created with an objective to boost developer productivity. So, the intuitive syntax and clean language enable you to write and deploy a new code in less time. The programming language is outfitted with several traits that speed up every-day development tasks. ➢ Kotlin is suitable for multi-platform development Apart from android development, Kotlin can provide JavaScript assistance and interoperability, allowing developers to push their frontends to Kotlin or build them in it from the very project beginning. The added Gradle support can also enable you to write the Gradle files in Kotlin. Not just that, they are actively developing Kotlin/Native that will allow building iOS applications. ➢ Strong Community As the company is constantly improving Kotlin, they are committed to the project and have a great and extremely qualified team working on it. JetBrains has a sturdy business model and is even converting parts of their flagship product to use it. So, the developers have strong support.
  3. 3. The business advantages of adopting Kotlin If you are an entrepreneur requiring a major change in your android mobile app, opting for Kotlin could prove the best solution for you. Redesigning substantial parts of a project is an important decision. Kotlin proposes two vital business perks affecting the decision.  Decreased project timeline: Kotlin enables developers to transform the code with perfection with lesser time-to-market. Kotlin's compactness plays a crucial factor in productivity and is advantageous as the language can solve more issues with less coding mitigating the error risks.  Fewer app crashes: As Kotlin uses fewer lines of code, it efficiently reduces development time and supports maintenance requirements. Also, searching for bugs is easier in a small area. Since the bugs are found easily, there are lesser system failures and app crashes. If you are planning to make major changes in your mobile app, XongoLab can help you plan for scalability. Connect with us to take your business to the next level.