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Top Features You Must Consider To Include in On-Demand Handyman App

If you want to develop a handyman app and want to take your business online to boost your revenue, then you must include the top features mentioned in this PDF.

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Top Features You Must Consider To Include in On-Demand Handyman App

  1. 1. Top Features You Must Consider To Include in On-Demand Handyman App
  2. 2. Every house would require some form of maintenance and repair work from time to time but with a busy work schedule doing all the maintenance works without taking any professional handyman help can be a difficult thing. A professional handyman can assist you with every small and big task & give you complete peace of mind. Cleaning and repairing are the two most necessary services everyone is looking for, as in this first paced world, nobody has much time to do their daily household work. This requirement brings on-demand handyman app like Uber into the picture; nowadays, these applications have become the users’ top choice as it helps them avoid the rush and save their money, time, and efforts.
  3. 3. Nowadays, start-ups and big enterprises are coming up with the idea of developing an Uber-like handyman app. A handyman app benefits both users and entrepreneurs. If you are planning to start your own business, then an on-demand home service business would be the most ideal option for you.
  4. 4. A Decent Uber for Handyman App Should Have the Following Features: HANDYMAN CONSISTS OF 3 APPLICATIONS: CUSTOMER APP SERVICE PROVIDER APP ADMIN PANEL 1. 2. 3.
  5. 5. Customer App Features Social Media Login: Customers can register through email id or mobile number or can directly login through social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, etc. Manage Profile: Users can generate and manage their profile by entering details like name, image, etc. Schedule/Book-now: Customers can either schedule the service for a particular time & date or book service right-away as per their convenience.
  6. 6. Services list: It is easy to navigate around the services list, from which the customer can choose the particular services that are required. Multiple Payment Options: Customers can easily select any payment option like credit/debit cards, eWallets, COD, etc. Real-Time Tracking: Track handyman professionals via the application promptly. The GPS tracker can track every activity of the handyman, allowing customers to track their real-time location & estimated arrival time. CustomerAppFeatures
  7. 7. Order history: Even the customer can go through the order history, where they will discover the list of completed and cancelled orders. Push Notifications: It keeps the entire track of the services, where every single step customer will get an update on their notification tab. Rate & Review: Customers rate the professional and provide additional feedback out of 5 to help improve the experience as per discretion. CustomerAppFeatures
  8. 8. Service Provider App Features: Easy Registration: Professionals can securely log in to the app with the provided credentials. Manage Availability: Professionals can set “Available” or “Unavailable” with a single tap in the application. Job Request: It displays the list of requested jobs by the customers for which the service provider has to respond.
  9. 9. Accept/Reject Request: The professionals either accept or reject service requests. If he accepts the request, a notification will be sent to the customer. And, if he rejects the request, it will automatically be sent to the other professionals. Active Orders: It shows all the active orders list which are accepted by the service provider. Order History: Easy to track previous orders through the history orders tab, which will share the entire log detail over services. ServiceProviderAppFeatures
  10. 10. Add services: Here service provider can add extra services by inputting the details over service-related tasks. ServiceProviderAppFeatures Add Payment Details: Service providers can set their valid payment account & track all the payments on a daily basis. Reply To Reviews: The service provider can reply to the customer reviews directly & build trustworthiness.
  11. 11. Admin Panel Features:
  12. 12. Manage Customers/Professionals: With the help of a powerful admin dashboard, the admin can manage customer requests, professionals availability, track payments, sign-ups, and others seamlessly. Manage Service Listings: Admin can easily manage all the offered services, categories, their details, pricing & more. Promotions & Discounts: Increase the app user base with custom service offers, discounts, referral bonuses, and others. AdminPanelFeatures
  13. 13. Manage Service Requests: Admin can check all the coming service requests, assign service provider, update status, etc. Manage Payments: Monitor and manage customer payments via the dashboard. Credit payments to service professionals post-commissions effectively. Track Professionals: Admin can track the professionals (auto or manual), track their movements and service status promptly. AdminPanelFeatures Reporting & Analytics: Admin can make well-informed & data-backed decisions with the assistance of complete reports.
  14. 14. Planning to develop a Handyman App along with these features? Contact the best Mobile App Development Company like XongoLab to build up Your Own Application to Boost Your Business Online. Email Address Mobile Numbers +91 9106092269 +91 9909262648 Website So, what are you waiting for?
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