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Why Choose React Native For Cross-Platform App Development?

Are you in confusion about whether to choose React Native for cross-platform app development or not? If yes, then this PDF will help to get a clear idea.

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Why Choose React Native For Cross-Platform App Development?

  1. 1. Why Choose React Native For Cross-Platform App Development? When it comes to the top trends in mobile app development framework, React Native is one of the best and trendiest frameworks nowadays. It is an open-source framework that implies it has fewer limitations and can be utilized more efficiently which is created by social media giant Facebook as its own cross-platform app development technology. It allows developers to use React and JavaScript in addition to native platforms to develop mobile applications. There have been several apps built-up by this framework like Facebook, UberEats, Instagram, Pinterest any list goes on. It makes work easy, simply code once and it will be available for both Android and iOS. If the developer knows the JavaScript then there is no extra need to learn Android specific Java or iOS swift and React native saves a lot of development time. The main reason why React Native app development services are in trend these days is that it helps to patronize both the platforms at one time and end the debate of selecting either Android or iOS for mobile app development.
  2. 2. The prime reasons for selecting React Native for cross-platform app development are: • Faster development time As React Native patronizes both Android and iOS simultaneously so it cuts the development time. The platform has enormous library components that ensure faster app development. • Cost-Effective As part of the cost is concerned React Native is comparatively cost lesser than its market counters. React native is best for startups as they focus on more about the money and so for them React native is best as for lesser cost they can develop a cross-platform app which can assist them to boost their startup. • Simple coding If you want that your application should be more interactive, intricate, and high performance with easy coding then React native is the best choice for creating an app that has easy coding and it helps to develop an app without any hassle. • Great UI/UX React native has the power to host features of devices and create a user- friendly design for OS. Applications built on React Native take less time to load, are easier to use, offer a great user experience and run smoothly. So, if you intend to make a mark with your app in the market, you need to get in touch with the best React Native app development company like XongoLab. • One codebase It is known for its one code base feature for iOS and Android by creating one code base for developing mobile apps for two different platforms at the same time. So with code reusability features, developers do not have to work hard to write different code for both platforms. Wrapping up: React Native is very popular among developers and highly utilized for the development of cross-platform applications. Since React Native requires less development time and effort, offers a hot reloading feature, simple integration,
  3. 3. easy app maintenance & debugging, scalability, and many other features, it is possible to develop a cross-platform app for both Android and iOS without spending huge money.