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XongoLab Technologies LLP

XongoLab Technologies LLP is a leading mobile app development company in Ahmedabad, India provides top-quality web and mobile app development services at a cost-effective price. With a huge 9+ years of experience in this field, XongoLab has been providing native, hybrid & cross-platform applications to suit the requirements of clients from various business streams. Do you have an app idea? Connect with us and we will turn your app idea into reality.

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XongoLab Technologies LLP

  1. 1. XONGOLAB TECHNOLOGIES We help you to become an industry leader through our top-notch web and mobile app development services. 01
  2. 2. 02 COMPREHENSIVE WEB & MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT SERVICES XongoLab offers industry best web and mobile app development services that serve your business needs and also help to enlarge your business. Mobile App Development We provide mobile app development solutions across different platforms like React Native, Flutter, Hybrid, iOS, Android which are user-friendly and guarantee the highest rate of return. On Demand App Development Experience fully integrated set of on-demand app development solution with user-friendly UI, powerful admin panel, advanced customer and driver apps for Android and iOS. Framework Development We utilize the latest framework technologies to create innovative websites and mobile applications on various platforms. Join hands with us to get a unique & unmatched framework development solution.
  3. 3. 03 AGILE DEVELOPMENT PROCESS FOR UNIQUE SOLUTIONS XongoLab was established with an intention to develop unique, technologically advanced, and specialized web & mobile apps for every industrial vertical that it comes across. Think Our experts analyze your every core competency, shortcomings & conceptualize ideas. Plan A roadmap is created on how the development process will be commenced. Create The plan sketched out is carried out for crafting and developing one of the most immaculate solutions. Archive The plan sketched out is carried out for crafting and developing one of the most immaculate solutions.
  4. 4. Backend Development Our offshore backend development team creates solutions that offer a top-notch user experience. Frontend Development Our talented front-end developers build secure and robust applications that deliver one-of-a-kind solutions. Database Development Out offshore developers collect, organize, and acquire key insights from gigantic amounts of data. 04
  5. 5. PROVIDING NEXT-GEN MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT SERVICES iOS Apps Bank on our knowledge of iOS SDK to provide you with the best performing iOS applications. Android Apps Clinch the Play Store with the best app features created utilizing Android's unique capabilities. Hybrid Apps Take over the target market with our hybrid apps created using the best technologies. PWA Apps Our web apps provide your business information in the most economical and efficient way. React Native Apps Leverage the benefit of minimal code by partnering with our React Native app development solutions. Flutter Apps Created using rich set of completely customizable widgets, out apps make your heart Flutter. 05
  6. 6. 06 OUR APP DEVELOPMENT PROCESS Analysis of Requirements Get to know our client & understanding the client’s requirement Wireframing & Designing Blueprint structure, Wireframing each screen & designing the app Development Coding the app, Layout main sections, client’s feedback Testing App testing, 100% bug-free, Get final approval from the client Deployment App launch to Play Store or App Stores, deploy to client’s server
  7. 7. WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE? Focusing on the outcomes of our customers, we build engaging and beautiful experiences that steer real business outcomes. We actually believe that success of our company is purely dependent on our client's success. Transparency As a loyal entity, we vow to be honest and transparent in whatever we do and keep away unexpected surprises. Technical Edge We stay commited to delivering cutting-edge and advanced technological solutions. Communication We are communicating with consistently through mail or call with all our customers throughout the project. Versatile Talent Our expertise in multiple domains has sharpened our experience and proficiency. 07
  8. 8. HAVE AN APP IDEA? 08 Connect with us & we will turn your app ideas into reality.
  9. 9. 09 THANK YOU FOR WATCHING Contact Us: