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Newsroom structure


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Newsroom structure

  1. 1. Sub editing and page designing
  2. 2.  SaqibNaveed 10050616-031 Bakhtawar Aamir Raja 10050616-033 Emaan raza 10050616-034 Shakeeb Arslan 10050616-032
  3. 3.  Reporting section Magazine section Advertising department Circulation department News room
  4. 4.  News room is the most important section in all these section. Newsroom performs the main role in the preparation of news paper. There are two section in news room1. Reporting section: where reporters of all beats sits and arrange the news .2. Subbing section : in subbing section news is make up by the sub editors.
  5. 5.  International desk Districtdesk Sports desk Local desk Etc Sub editor is responsible for his particular desk.
  6. 6.  These news desk are directly supervised by the main desk. which is also responsible for front and back pages of news paper.
  7. 7.  Head of news room is called news editor. News editor supervise the entire functioning and coordinates work of several sections in news room. He usually work in “U” shape desk. There are shift in charge working under the news editor.
  8. 8.  The number of shifts varies according to the circulation of newspaper. These shift in charge supervise the work of their respective team of sub editors.
  9. 9.  In news room there is a monitoring desk where monitors record news of national and international radio and TV channels. After recording monitors write news story in the consultation of news editor.
  10. 10.  In the news room there is a desk called proof read desk. Proof read the matter of news after computer composing and errors are corrected. This news matter forward to the art section for along with photos,adds,different news are pasted up into full newspaper pages.
  11. 11.  Then these copies are caries to the press. Where news paper is printed. There is a press in-charge who supervise the whole functioning in press. Printing of news paper is started in news paper at night. Front and back pages are started for printing 2am.
  12. 12.  Stop press is the term used when an exclusive story or a big news story has to be come from any source for example: America attacks on Pakistan midnight. Then the press is stopped and they wait for the story then pasted on news paper .