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Sem2. PPT Eng book cover


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Published in: Education
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Sem2. PPT Eng book cover

  2. 2. Why did the book inspire you? • The duality of human nature Each human being is a mixture of good and evil. How Mr. Hyde & Dr. Jekyll struggles to keep balance between both side.
  3. 3. • Boundaries of science Mr. Jekyll crosses them when he experiment something new without regard for the dangers he could pose to himself and others.
  4. 4. Climax of the story Mr. Utterson & Poole break down the door to Dr. Jekyll’s labolatory and find Mr. Jekyll alter ego----Mr. Hyde, lying on the floor.
  5. 5. Step of Project • Making a discussion with group members. • Doing research on the web. • Read the original plot. • Making the draft of the book cover. • Take notes. • Modified.
  6. 6. Original synopsis • and-mr-hyde/book-summary
  7. 7. Synopsis • This is a story about a man named Henry Jekyll, developed a potion which can extract the evil side of human beings and turn himself into another person with the complete opposite personality, Edward Hyde.
  8. 8. • This story begins when Mr. Utterson and Mr. Enfield were having a walk in the city and passed through a strange door which reminds Mr. Enfield a weird incident he witnessed. At there, Mr. Enfield once saw a little girl was screaming because she was trampling over by a small-figure deformed man. The man was so cruel and violent and irritated the crowd for what he did. In the end, the sadistic man offered to pay a huge amount of compensation to the child’s family. He walked into that strange door and come out with 10 pounds in gold and 90 pounds in check. People suspected that the check was forged because it was signed by the respectable Dr. Jekyll. However, it proved to be valid.
  9. 9. • Afterward, Mr. Utterson discovered one of his clients, Dr. Jekyll had written a will to make Mr. Hyde be the benefactor of all of his wealth and property. It made Mr. Utterson think that Dr. Jekyll might blackmailed by that person. Thus, Mr. Utterson went to visit his old friend, Dr. Lanyon to find out the relationship between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. However, Dr. Lanyon said he seldom sees Dr. Jekyll since ten years ago due to a dispute over the research matter. Mr. Utterson decided to stake out the building where Mr. Hyde stayed and he found out how ugly the man seemed. Besides, he also discovered that laboratory was linked to Dr. Jekyll’s house and Mr. Hyde had the complete access to Dr. Jekyll’s house. However, Dr. Jekyll asked him not to bother anymore.
  10. 10. • One year later, a maid witnessed a murder of Sir Danvers Carew in a foggy, full-moon night. She was sure that she saw Mr. Hyde killed Sir Danvers Carew with a heavy walking stick. Mr. Utterson and the police went to Mr. Hyde’s house but he was not there. Soon, he went to find Dr. Jekyll but he told him that he had ended his relationship with Mr. Hyde. He gave Mr. Utterson a note which wrote by Mr. Hyde, telling that he would disappear forever. Yet, Mr. Utterson’s head clerk, Mr. Guest found out that the handwriting of the note is similar to Dr. Jekyll.
  11. 11. • After that, Mr. Hyde was disappeared and Dr. Jekyll acted more sociable for a few months but suddenly he started leading a secluded life. At the same time, Mr. Utterson was dining with Dr. Lanyon. Dr. Lanyon looked like on the verge of mental collapse due to Dr. Jekyll. Three weeks later, Dr. Lanyon died and Mr. Utterson received a letter from him before he died. Within the envelope, there was another sealed envelope with the instruction of not to open it before the disappearance or death of Dr. Jekyll.
  12. 12. • Another Sunday, Mr. Utterson and Mr. Enfield were having a walk along the street. They decided to take a look at the window and they saw Dr. Jekyll inside. Mr. Utterson invited him to come out. He wanted to turn and smile at them but suddenly his face was full with terror just like after a great pain. Immediately, he closed the window and disappear.
  13. 13. • After awhile, Dr. Jekyll's servant Mr.Poole came and looked for Mr. Utterson. Mr. Poole said Dr. Jekyll had been comfined himself in his laboratory for over a week and resquested him to search for several kinds of chemicals to make a mysterious drug. Mr. Poole had served Dr. Jekyll for over 20 years so he knew the voice from the laboratory was not belong to his master. Hence, he thought Dr. Jekyll was murdered. Mr. Poole and Mr. Utterson broke into the laboratory and found a corpse who just commited suicide. It was Mr. Hyde but in Dr. Jekyll's clothing. They could not find Dr. Jekyll but a note addressed to Mr. Utterson.
  14. 14. • Inside the note, there was an enclosed document which indicated the "confession" of Dr. Jekyll but before that he should read Dr. Lanyon's letter. Dr. Lanyon revealed that he received a letter from Dr. Jekyll who asked for favor. He followed all the instructions and finally he saw Mr. Hyde. He was insane and he mixed all the ingredients. Due to curiosity, Dr. Lanyon allowed him drank that potion in front of him. Horror soon occupied Dr. Lanyon's mind because he witnessed how the horrible man transformed into the gentle Dr. Jekyll.
  15. 15. • Lastly, the "confession" of Dr. Jekyll described about his double life. Dr. Jekyll had been grown up well and thus, was a well-known person. Therefore, he came up with an idea that divided his private life and public life into different personalities. He used his scientific knowledge to develop a potion which can separate himself into both good and evil side. With this research, Dr. Jekyll could do anything he wished with his new charater, Edward Hyde without feeling ashamed or guilty. However, it became worse and gradually he could not handle another side of him on his own will. Mr. Hyde could occupy Dr. Jekyll's nature without taking the potion. In the end, he realized that the potion he first made was mixed with impurities so the potion after that could not be the same as the first one. Hence, Dr. Jekyll commited suicide since he did not want to live as Mr. Hyde forever.
  16. 16. How is the colour becoming part of the object? • Yellow – criticism , impatience • Purple – creative , individual • Black – secretive , unknown • Grey – sadness and depression . Creating a sense of calm. • Letter – important element .
  17. 17. Material • A3 paper • 2B pencil • Adobe Illustration • Adobe Photoshop