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Water droplet stories


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Water droplet stories

  1. 1. The Small Water Droplet<br /> Deep down in the deepest sea lived a small water droplet and his family in a coral (home). He was extremely bored under the deep sea.<br /> <br /> <br /> One time when the small water droplet swam under the sea, sunlight suddenly flashed on him. “Help!” he yelled, “I’m evaporating!” His parents tried to save him but the small water droplet zoomed up into the sky. “Cool!” he said happily when he was floating in the sky, “I’m water vapour!” Then when he was high in the sky, he suddenly turned into a tiny puffy cloud. “Ah!” he cried, “What am I?” He was very angry and mad being a tiny piece of cloud because he was puffy and uncomfortable. <br /> Suddenly, he was surprised by a strong huge wind. “Yay!” he cried out loudly, “I’m flying!” Then he plopped into a few more tiny pieces of clouds. <br /> “Hey there!” one said, how are you doing mate?!” The small water droplet (now a tiny cloud) spoke to them a lot. He was very cheerful. He said “Hey!” and “good,” and more. They were talking about how the small water droplet came up here.<br /> Just then, the big cloud poured out big lumps of rain. “Oh no!” yelled the small water droplet as he fell down. Splosh! The water droplet splashed in the stream. Just then, a deer licked him. “Help!” shouted the small droplet.<br /> He flushed everywhere in the deer’s body. It was really dark. He fell down and slid into the stomach. “Ah!” he yelled again loudly as he flushed out of the deer’s rear. He was very scared!<br /> Finally the small water droplet flowed down the stream and arrived in the ocean. He returned home and hugged his family. <br />2286000-635The End! <br />By Alvin Ng<br /> <br /> <br />The water droplet<br />In a deep crystal clear ocean lived<br /> a little water droplet he wanted to have an adventure. then one night he went to sleep then in the morning. He was rising up and up.<br />He was evaporating then he saw this white puffy thing it was a cloud. The cloud said ‘’hi’’ ‘’what’s up’’ what’s happing says the water droplet. He was a cloud then it started to rain.<br />The water droplet plopped in a bucket near a school. A teacher was rushing to pike the bucket up. The teacher was rushing to a class room and poured the water in a paint pot.<br />A little girl plopped a paint brush and splated the water droplet on a piece. He felt sad the little girl said ‘’Im finished’’So the teacher put the piece of paper on the drying <br />Then the water droplet slipped away he felt slippery then he evaporated. Then he meet a cloud then it rained AND he landed back in the sea. <br />By Ellie Atkinson<br />4970780000 Short Adventures with James<br />In the deepest darkest ocean of all, lived a happy little cute water droplet named James, He was easily bored, sigh. That’s what he always did. Sigh.<br />480060075946000Then one horrible night there was a huge storm. Ginormous breakers hit the beach shore. CRASH! A huge wave hit James and his sister they were thrown on to the beach. Smack.<br />“Wwhaat wass thhat” James whispered. James was scared, actually frightened out of his life! He was about to panic but his sister came to his rescue.<br />“Calm down!” She shouted in his ear. But at that moment more trouble approached them, that trouble was the sun.<br />“Help! The sun is going to make us evaporate,” Screamed James “You said not to panic but I can’t stop panicking if I am going to be evaporated!” James looked at his sister, but she was screaming her head off.<br /> Then she shouted“ Huge wave at 12:00!” But those waves brought them back home, exactly were they started.<br /> The End <br /> <br />By Katie Leung<br />The water droplet story<br />By Sophia<br />It all starts in a crystal clear river in the countryside peaceful, quiet, beautiful. Inside the river lived several water droplets, They liked to splash around and have a blast.<br />The peace in the river soon came to an end. A big truck trucked along from the city carrying a big load of huge empty barrels.<br />The raindrops were terrified! Especially a tiny little raindrop , (she was the smallest in the river). She hated the sound of that truck.<br />Two men got out of the truck carrying huge barrels in their hands. “You sure boss was right about the location.” One of the men called to the other man in a deep Texas accent. “Yeah.” Called the other man. I’m sure.<br />They filled the huge barrels with water. <br />AHHHHHH!!! Shrieked the tiny water droplet. <br />Where am I? The tiny water felt very queasy, As the truck set off. A few minutes later, the barrels fell over spilling water everywhere. “Plop.” The tiny raindrop plopped to the ground.<br /> <br />The Adventures of Water Droplet<br />By Serena Ng<br /> “It was about the 20th time I have met a water droplet like this,” I said, worriedly. I gathered the water into a bucket.<br />“Kirane,” the droplet said softly to me. “I wanted to bring the bucket of water to the streams so I can meet other droplets.” I am Kirane, a droplet girl who loves other water droplets.<br />43434008255But then it was very hot and there was something queer that happened – both of us evaporated! In the clouds, we met one of the dumbest crystal clear droplets – I dare NOT to talk to him! “I hate crazy water droplets!” I said, angrily.<br />408368529210Me and my friends are playing in the air, while we met gazillions of water droplets.00Me and my friends are playing in the air, while we met gazillions of water droplets.But then, the droplet we met was not dumb anymore.<br />Then, we condensed, and after that we fell down as rain. “How can I fall as rain?” I asked to the other 2 water droplets.<br />It was unbelievable! We landed in Denmark and we met new droplets. After saying hello to the new droplets, the old and new droplets led me to a candy cake reservoir. “We need filtration!” the droplets said to me, as the droplets and I flowed down the cold reservoir.<br />Permanently, I followed the droplets and bubbles (I said good morning to the bubbles) up the reservoir and we walked over to another candy cake reservoir. We slid in and swam quickly. We met lots of seahorses in that reservoir. It was freezing in the reservoir, so I let the droplets and bubbles fly up – but too late! The droplets turned into ice crystals, and the bubbles gathered together to form a beautiful crystal ball. One of the seahorses (Kerry (name), a thousand-seahorse (job)) hugged the crystal ball in his arms and brought it to the new holiday house.<br />A kind hearted nuclear unicorn led my friends and me into a warm room in Bjore House and gave us hot food. I was very hungry, so I took a loaf of bread to eat, then gave some to the loving water droplets. Then I placed the bread in a bowl next to the crystal ball.<br />Annotations: ‘Bjore og Kjeldsens’ is actually my four-storey holiday house and my other holiday house is in England and it has three storeys.<br />434340055880When I finished placing the bread in the bowl, I danced happily, but ker-splash! All of us flushed in my false pool, but luckily I didn’t get hurt. Instead, I was in my protective gear.<br />4083685305435Water droplet swimming in my false pool.00Water droplet swimming in my false pool.Annotations: Who has seen a false pool in his/her garden?<br />I set a holiday house for myself, the water droplets and the seahorses, but soon I found out I missed my home. So I put the crystal ball in my bag, the droplets in my pencil case and dashed home to England.<br />Finally, I arrived home and told my mother about my wet adventures. “How was your trip to Copenhagen?” my mother asked. “My adventure was great, because I flowed there instead of taking an airplane,” I replied confidently.<br />The End<br />The Water Droplet <br />“You NINCOMPOOP ”shouted dad angrily, the small droplet did not listen. He kept on evaporating into thin air.<br />A few minutes later, he was still quickly evaporating happily. Then he condensed in a cloud and blew away in the air and precipitated. He landed on a person’s umbrella and dripped into the drains. The drains were very wet and dirty, the small droplet fell into the dirty water and fainted from the stinky smell.<br />When he woke up, he felt dizzy. He saw where he was, he was in a cup with other MEAN DROPLETS, they PUNCHED him KICKED him and SMACKED him. SKILLFULLY he SWIFTLY jumped out and ran back to the sea. He met his relatives back and they said where were you and he said it was a long story.<br />THE END<br />The water droplet’s journey<br />By Nicolle<br />One morning ,in deep blue sea, there lived a little friendly droplet.<br /> The droplet always wanted to go to London to see his friends and family.<br /> One hot afternoon, the little droplet started rising into the air, while it was sleeping. When it got in to the air, it heard a loud sneeze. The water droplet woke up with a fright. It was a cloud that sneezed. Later, the water droplet whispered to the cloud,” can you take me to London?” <br />“ok” answered the cloud. <br /> So as the wind blew, the cloud looked down and saw some funny looking people with funny looking hair. It was a London soldier. “We are in London” shouted the cloud, ”and I’m going drop you of here, ”the water droplet was happy to hear what the cloud said.<br /> Suddenly, the cloud dropped all the water droplets, so, the cloud dropped all of the droplets. The water droplet started to get really excited.<br /> The water droplet landed on a little girl’s head with a splash. The droplet was scared .”where am I ?”cried the water droplet, curiously.<br /> A few minutes later, it started to rain again .The little girl quickly swiped off the water droplet as she ran into the classroom .The droplet splashed onto the floor with all the other droplets .They all flowed down the ground and into the drain .<br /> “It smells in here!” said the water droplet” ahhh, I hate this this place so badly!”.<br /> The next morning ,the water droplet and all the other water droplets flowed down to the reservor.<br />4114800228600 The Water Droplet’s Adventure<br /> By: Annie Cheung<br /> “Lalala…” I sang merrily under the Alaskan river while I imagined the great feel and how fun floating along the surface of the river would be. I swam towards the river surface.<br />“Hey!” my sister shouted from under the deep river, “remember you are a water droplet. You can be evaporated!!!” But I didn’t listen to her. I continued to swim towards the surface of the river. <br /> Suddenly, I evaporated. I shouted to the sun “release me! Or else I will use my super power to flatten you!” <br /> “You have no power over me!” shouted the sun angrily, ”go and condense!” Then I became a tiny part of a cloud.<br />“Hi!” said the other droplets of the cloud, ”we are gonna rain!!!’’ I froze. Was I really going to rain?!<br />Suddenly , I fell on a hard ground. Ouch! It was painful! But now I couldn’t think of anything! I needed to go home! Where was my mum, dad, sister and brother? Then I was step by a little shoe from a girl <br /> The girl step on the seashore a little wave washed me to the deep, blue ocean. <br /> “Wo……wa…….” I screamed, ”I am just too small to be alone!!” Then a little, warm hand from a girl took me and I was put on some sands. After a while a big wave washed me away. I was stop by a beautiful woman’s feet. Her feet were soft and smelled like daisy. I was in love with her in the first sight.<br /> The woman walked back home with me on her feet. But my dream was not long when she took a shower and washed me away to a smelly place. I saw poop over all the place and wee too. Yuck! I bet you wouldn’t like the smell of it!!! <br /> After a while I was evaporated again this time I was drop to a little river but it was not my home. Then I found myself in a dark cave I realized I was in a big fish’s tummy. <br />“Wa!!!” I cried, “mama , papa, sister and brother !!!!” Then I was pee out by the fish. After a while I was floating on the small river. Freedom!! Then I saw a little, tiny tunnel under the deep river.<br />4800600174561500 I took a deep breath and dived in the water. Then I quickly swam to the little, tiny tunnel. A fish was in front of the tunnel and wouldn’t move. I tried to push or pull the fish to move. But it doesn’t work because it’s too heavy. So I did some funny action like pulling my face ,the fish finally moved. I quickly swam to the tunnel it was dark and tiny but I am small so I can still move. When I finished going through the tunnel I saw other droplets but my family is not there. So I asked a man droplet in a family “ do you know where is the Wong droplet family?” The droplet replied “ yes sure! Over there! I can lead you!” So I followed the droplet to a little road. I saw a droplet playing with a fish then I realized that it was my brother! ”Brother!” I cried ,”I finally find you!” My brother turned around and saw me he cried too. Then my mum, dad, brother and sister all hug me. I felt happiness in my heart.<br /> The end<br />