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Unlimited power -Anthony robbins


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Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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Unlimited power -Anthony robbins

  1. 1.  Passion:  The Obsessive /Energizing Power (or the reason) which drives us to Do, Give, Grow or Be more.  Gives us the everlasting fuel and causes us to tap our true potential.  Action Items:  Identify our true Passion.  Develop and Cultivate Passion, if we don’t have one yet. 1. Unlimited Power: Passion
  2. 2.  Belief:  Gist of every Religious, Spiritual, Scientific book on the planet is that power of Belief on an individual is tremendous.  Our strong beliefs about what we are and what we can be precisely define what we will be.  Highly successful people know what they want precisely and believe that they can get it.  Action Items:  Believe that our life is full of Success, Happiness, Love, Wealth, Health etc and so they will manifest accordingly. Same is true otherwise, if we believe that our life is defined by narrow limits.  Be - Do – Have what we wish for. 2. Unlimited Power: Belief What ever you strongly believe: that you CAN achieve some thing or CANNOT, you are right.
  3. 3.  Strategy:  It is the clear path to ensure reaching the destination successfully.  Equally important like the path of a rocket to hit the target, which has fuel (passion) and propulsion ( belief)  It is like finding the correct key to opening a door, instead of breaking the door open.  Action Items:  Enhance Knowledge  Take Professional/Expert help.  Think through all the steps in the cycle towards reaching the goal.  Have a Plan B. 3. Unlimited Power: Strategy
  4. 4.  Clarity Of Values:  Values, Fundamentals, Ethics, Morals about what really matters to us.  Specific belief systems of what is right and what is wrong for our lives.  Action Items:  Ensure that our passion & strategy for success is in line with our belief system. 4. Unlimited Power: Clarity Of Values We become the average of the 5 People we spend most time with. Thing to do Use What Mind Why Heart How Hand
  5. 5.  Energy:  Great Success is inseparable from the Physical, Intellectual and Spiritual Energy, which allow us to further enhance the virtues we have.  Action Items:  Physical Energy: 40 Min of Physical Exercise per day.  Intellectual Energy: 2 hrs of Knowledge Gaining /Sharing per week.  Spiritual Energy: 15 min of Meditation per day. 5. Unlimited Power: Energy
  6. 6.  Bonding Power:  Ability to connect /develop rapport with a people from variety of backgrounds and beliefs.  Our excellence, success is worth while only if we form Living /Lasting bonds with others.  Action Items:  Strive towards others’ success.  Understand and then seek to be Understood.  Think Win - Win Try being a Thermostat versus being a Thermometer. 6. Unlimited Power: Bonding Power
  7. 7.  Communication Mastery:  Mastery of Communication is what makes a Great Manager/Parent/Teacher/Politician different form a normal one.  Quality of our life is determined by the way:  We communicate with others.  We communicate with ourselves.  Action Items:  Think & Talk Solution Oriented versus Problem Oriented.  Communicate Issues(Task , Goal, Problem) through:  Encouragement, Motivation, Inspiration, Challenge, Fun. 7. Unlimited Power: Communication Mastery