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Monaco Telecom in a few words

Data center & Cloud business

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Monaco Telecom in a few words

  1. 1. Data Center & Cloud Business High Performance et Hyper-connectivity July 2015
  2. 2. • Telecommunications services B2C and B2B • Key technology partner and Telco operators provider in EMEA region • Data Centers and Cloud Services A wide range of services... National International Debt free Stable capital flows The new shareholder Xavier Niel • Telco operators provider • Telco infrastructure sharing • Carrier, Roaming, data and hosting services • Launching of key products & services, • New technologies implementation, • Investments optimization and costs reduction ... • Tailor-made solutions Strong financial performance • Revenue: 180 M € • Around 50% of the revenue from international business • B2B services represent more than 50% of national revenue • Consolidated net income: 21,5 m € • No financial debt • 280 employees 100 years of history 47% 53% Proven track record worldwide: • 2012 – extension for 3 years of service contract with PTK - kosovo • 2014 – BOT Contract signed with AZUR Congo, Gabon and AZUR CAR Monaco Telecom in a few words
  3. 3. Founded 1297 Official Name Principality of Monaco Size (km²) 2 Population 37,000 Currency EURO Language French Political regime Constitutional hereditary monarchy Membership UN, Council of Europe Time zone GMT + 1hour A cosmopolitan population... 132 nationalities A Longstanding political stability Strategic position with strong potential for business trading. 4,725 Firms doing business around the world MONACO Revenue 2012 A debt-free economy Reserve fund equivalent to 4 years’ spending Dépenses 2012 896 million € 900 million € A supportive environment MAIN ONES 25% Monegasque23% French 16% Italian 6.5% British 3% Belgian 2.5% Swiss
  4. 4. Fiscal peace of mind Strategic advantages • A bridge between Europe and Africa • An international outreach • Reputation and regional dynamism • Economical and political stability • Hyper-secured environment, a state with a very low crime rate • Culture of discretion and confidentiality MONACO A dynamic and diversified economy NONE ON: - personal income (French excluded) - inheritance or gifts (direct line or between spouses) - company profits (if 75% of turnover is generated in Monaco) A low tax system due to intense economic activity: VAT (20%) represents almost 50% of State Revenue
  5. 5. A whole services portfolio
  6. 6. Cloud’DRIVE A private, protected and controlled DROPBOX Cloud’MAIL Company mail system with ease Cloud’VM Customised & « on-demand » servers Cloud’Sauvegarde Make Backup process easier Cloud’SPAM Anti’SPAM Cloud’Lync IM, meeting room, document sharing LETSIGNIT Signature standardisation & management Cloud’Admin Centralized management of your cloud services AD’SYNC To make User Life easier, synchronise your AD with your SaaS Products Cloud’GATEWAY Access to your servers from anywhere and with any device Cloud’PROXY Protect and control internet use Cloud’SYNC Disaster recovery solution. Synchronize your data and servers into the cloud CLOUD’MONACO A full range of services
  7. 7. Our Data Centers Monaco Telecom runs and operates its own Data Centers • Owns 3 Data Centers in Monaco • 15 years of experience in Data Center • Built to the « state-of-the-art » (last one built in 2015) • Security and Confidentiality • European footprint capabilities thanks to our partnership with Interxion (european leader with 39 Data Centers in 11 countries)
  8. 8. DC3: open since July 2015
  9. 9. •
  10. 10. The site The DC3 is situated: 4 avenue Prince Albert II – 98000 Monaco • Easy access • Low risk environment • High level of security The facility is located on the 4th floor of the building.
  11. 11. Monaco Telecom is the only hosting company in the Principality to own and operate its hosting facilities. • Size: 600 m² of IT space • 1000 kVA of IT power • Density : 1,6 kVA/m² and up to15 kVA per rack • Level of redundancy higher than Tier3 TECHNICAL FEATURES
  12. 12. Incoming power (N+N) • 2 substations (HV) provided by SMEG (local Monaco supplier) • 2 entry points, each one can support 100% of the total load • located on a ring Power Transformers and Switchgear (N+N) • Transformers Schneider : 2 * 1000 kVA • A & B switchgear systems Generator and fuel tanks (N+N) • 2 * 1400 kVA SDMO Generators • 2 * 8000 liters fuel tanks • provisioned to supply for 36 hours running at full load • Monaco Telecom is on priority list for several fuel suppliers UPS (N+N) • 4 * 500 kVA Emerson UPS (2 per feed), housed in 2 different rooms • Separate battery strings
  13. 13. Cooling • 3 * 500 kW APC Schneider Uniflair Chillers (N+1) • Chilled water distribution system with 2 tubes (1 in & 1 out) and 1 spare tube • Cold aisles containment (Cold corridors) • 28 * 70 kW Schneider HVACs (N+1)
  14. 14. Redundancy Environmental Set Points The proposed operating parameters for your colocation space have been defined in order to meet Ashrae standards: Parameters Parameters Set Point Temperature 24 degrees centigrade +/- 1 Humidity 50 RH +/- 20% RH Feature Redundancy Incoming Power N+N = Tier 4 Generators N+N = Tier 4 Transformers N+N = Tier 4 UPS N+N = Tier 4 Switchgear N+N = Tier 4 Climatisation N+1 = Tier 3 The Monaco Telecom DC 3 facility is based on a technical design which can offer more availability than a Tier 3 architecture as defined by the Uptime Institute. The facility provides a redundancy in : • 2N on Power • N+1 on Cooling
  15. 15. Security • Double fire detection system (optic/thermic) and alarm system • Gas suppression system (Inert Argo55 gas) • 2 hours fire-resistant doors and walls Several layers of physical security: • Dedicated Security Staff onsite 24/7 • Unipersonal « mantrap » sas • 24/7 access control to facility • Monitored activity • Full CCTV coverage • Infrared cameras on roof top • A security staff for the whole building • Firemen staff on site 24/7
  16. 16. Environmental awareness DC3 fully in line with Monaco Telecom environmental responsible approach • Industrial and technological choices: • Utilisation of renewable and eco-friendly materials • Recycling programs for electrical and electronic equipment waste • Optimisation of energy consumption • Design and urbanization of IT rooms to reduce cooling needs • A will to subscribe to good practices of the state-of-the-art Data Centre • European Code of Conduct • Following ASHRAE 2011 recommandations Monaco Telecom decided to be compliant with the EU Code of Conduct best practices for energy efficiency
  17. 17. The hosting offer Packaged Colocation • ¼ rack, ½ rack, rack • Electrical consumption : fixed rate or real consumption • Internet connectivity Included services § Preparation of the hosting space § Delivery of subscribled power & cooling capacity § Supervision and Monitoring § Logistics (delivery area 38T, goods lifts, De-box room…) Dedicated Spaces • Dedicated cages (wire-mesh walls) • Private rooms (solid walls) For a tailor-made solution and enhanced security
  18. 18. Additional services § Hands and Eyes Servers reboot, Network patching, … § Power upgrade § Reception and Storage of packages in a secured storage area § Optional urbanization (biometry, smart PDU…) § Cabling § Interconnectivity options § A wide range of consulting services: pre-sale consulting, technical architectures, deployment projects…
  19. 19. • Strategic partnership with Level 3: 5 gigabits / s transit @ • Full access to EIG (Europe India Gateway): 3,84 térabits /s • Connection with 4 european hubs : Milan, Sophia-Antipolis et Paris x2 • 200 km of optical fiber in Monaco: 10 gigabits / s • MPLS agreement with major telco operators Due to its location and its outstandings international connections, Monaco Telecom built a high performance network, ideally situated to address EMEA market Hyper-connectivity
  20. 20. Why Monaco? A gateway to European, middle east and African markets A point of presence in Europe A FEW SECONDS FROM EMEA The solution for Disaster Recovery Plan SECURE YOUR DATA IN A STABLE ENVIRONMENT Outsource your IT infrastructure to a recognized expertise
  21. 21. Hub Network Hub IT Hub Business